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2016 Hallowe'en Page 1

Posted 2016-11-09

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The superintendents and other residents of Wynford Tower provide a warm welcome to trick-or-treat visitors on Hallowe'en, as shown in photos on these pages. On this page we feature the folks of Wynford Tower, with Trick-or-Treat guests on the following pages.
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Mother Nature provided autumn colours out the lobby window, and hallowe'en colours graced the mirror.

The desk was decked out as a Ghost Motel, thanks to Naida's late Saturday night
construction work, with a somewhat dour looking pumpking to greet the visitors.

Candy and other goodies supplied by Wynford Tower residents filled a large part
of the office, until they were placed on tables ready for the hungry hordes.

With the table setup done, Eddie showed off his hallowe'en bow tie
with Mom & child, Naida, Naida with cleaver, and masked Naida with Navo.

Masked Naida with daughter Jona & sister-in-law Asel, and unmasked Naida with Navo.

The following photos were taken during the Trick-or-Treat visits from
5:30 to 8 PM, but are grouped here as residents of Wynford Tower.

Francisco (Jun) and Naida dressed to welcome (frighten?) visitors.

Francisco (Jun) with dressed up residents, and with Naida in third photo.

Goodie givers Alice & Marjorie with goodie taster Aubrey, and two young folks all dressed up.

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