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Meeting Notes - 2016

Update 2017-01-01
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12 December 2016
28 November 2016
14 November 2016
17 October 2016
5 October 2016
26 September 2016
19 September 2016
12 September 2016
29 August 2016
22 August 2016
15 August 2016
8 August 2016
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12 December 2016
Present:. Roosevelt Robinson, Arnold Garson, Linda Vir, Eric Thom, Elizabeth Cameron, Siobhan Mulroney, Carol Smith, Ruth Ann Doyle, Navo Chinoy.

Minutes of previous meeting read and accepted, with one minor change regarding a request by Roosevelt to have a three member team meeting with Raphael.

First item discussed was presented by Navo, about aqua fit. She reports that an instructor, Judith Stark, is willing to give classes. She charges $4.00 per class and has her own release of responsibility forms that she has participants sign. She would be available to start in the spring, as she is away for the winter. Questions arose asking about her qualifications. It was also pointed out that there is no defibrillator in the building, and perhaps that should be brought to management. More information will be presented at the next meeting.

Navo also presented some concerns about the gym/pool area. The gym smells, and the treadmill has not been working for several weeks. This was reported to management, with no action to repair or replace it. She also suggested that the change room, near the showers, should have rubber mats, as the floor is very slippery.

Carol reported that the dirty carpets in the sub basement have been cleaned.

A tennant reported that several bulbs are burnt out in the lobby chandelier.

A lengthy discussion about the state of the building being shabby compared to 45 Wynford Heights Cres., and how we should proceed in resolving the needed improvements. One suggestion was to have a sub group of the association tour 45 to compare. Not everyone was in agreement. Another suggestion was to ask property management what their plans are for our building, and if they have any projected plans to upgrade and improve our building. There was no resolution to this, and further discussion will be continued at the next meeting.

It was brought up that concerns from tenants should be directed to the person responsible for the area in question, and was accepted by all present.

It was decided that any meetings in the future with Raphael, or Nadia and/or Jun, would be attended by 2-3 committee members, and we should have agreement among ourselves when meeting with management. It was also agreed that we would like to meet with Raphael on a regular basis, and we should present him with an agenda, and ask for a commitment from him, possibly every month, or two months.

Meeting adjourned. Next meeting to be held Jan. 16th, 2017.

28 November 2016
Present: Roosevelt Robinson, Carol Smith, Arnold Garson, Aubrey Harmes, Siobhan Mulrooney, Elizabeth Cameron, Bill Lynn, Eric Thom.

Roosevelt reported on a meeting with Rafael and Naida in the office last Friday, 25 Nov 2016.
  1. Laundry Room 24/7: M&R wants night time access to be restricted, using key fobs. Rafael is investigating the availability of space in the central control box.
  2. Wine at functions: M&R have stopped serving wine at their functions because of an "incident" following a previous function.
  3. Sing Along Dec. 8: Approved for after the M&R Holiday Party.
  4. Carpet cleaning: Rafael indicated that some spot removal is being done.
  5. Benches: M&R is seeking formal approval from the Ontario Fire Marshall to install non-incendiary benches.
Roosevelt feels that more than he should be present for such meetings with Rafael. If formal meetings cannot be arranged, Roosevelt will call members of the Liaison sub-committee to join him if Rafael requests further meetings.

Carol has told Naida about dirty carpets at the SB level garage pedestrian entries, but so far nothing has happened in response.

Eric mentioned several concerns:
  1. There is a bad odour in the hallway leading to the SB garage. This has been reported to the office, but nothing seems to have improved.
  2. Some #45 tenants use our exterior parking lot when theirs is full.
  3. In the SB hallway, the Wet Floor sign seems to stay in place long after the floor has been mopped.
  4. There have been occasions when the garage doors were stuck open at night, and there is no one to call to report the problem. It was suggested that there should be a security company monitoring cameras, with a phone number to call when problems occur.
Meeting was adjourned at 8:30 pm and will meet again Monday Dec 12th at 7.30 pm.
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14 November 2016
Roosevelt Robinson, Bill Lynn, Arnold Garson, Carol Smith, Eric Thom, Elizabeth Cameron, Linda Vir, Aubrey Harmes, RuthAnn Doyle, Siobhan Mulrooney.

Minutes from previous meeting reviewed and adopted.

Eric raised a concern regarding communication problems with superintendents. Determined that sub-committee would meet with the office staff to discuss tenants concerns, specifically office hours and days off and to try to find a solution to the difficulty in communicating with them.

Arnold reported that the reason for the hot water problems lately were the result of replacing the boilers, and has since been resolved.

Arnold reported no problems with the pool and gym areas and explained the functioning of the fans.

Bill reported no problems with his areas. The stained carpet areas were to be re-cleaned by the cleaning company, at no charge, but to date, they remain stained.

Elizabeth read a letter from a new tenant, praising the general upkeep of the building, but requesting the laundry be open 24/7, and suggested a trial period on the week-end. This letter was submitted to the M&R web-site, and agreement that the tenants association should follow up with management. She also reported that communication with the laundry management, formerly known as Phelps, was positive regarding reported problems.

Carol states the carpets in the sub basement from the garage, continue to be filthy and wants them replaced. The floor also is very marked up, and she questioned why the floor cleaning machine is not being used to remove the black marks.

Eric continues to be concerned about security, and people allowing others into the building without using the buzzer system. Also, entering the garage closely behind someone else without swiping the fob. He also mentioned non-tenants using our recycling bins, but it was determined that that would be difficult to monitor.

Roosevelt reported that top soil and grass seed has been used to repair the muddy path at the front of the building. If this is not successful, Rafael is prepared to try a different barrier of some type. Also, new floor covering for the elevators has been ordered. Carpets installed 16 November 2016)

Bill reports that tenant Henry Furman, has volunteered to run a sing song. He was shown the card room, which he felt would work well. Also, the lobby area has been suggested as an option. A meeting with Bill, RuthAnn, and Aubrey, will be arranged to work out the details.

A discussion about the suggestion of a New Year's Eve get together resulted in the decision to perhaps postpone it until Valentine's Day, as many committee members will be away at New Years. RuthAnn has offered be research the need for a liquor license if tenants wanted to bring their own wine or alcohol.

Bill reported that his search to find an aqua fit instructor was not successful. RuthAnn has offered to continue the search.

Meeting was adjourned at 9pm and will meet again Monday November 28th at 7.30 pm.
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17 October 2016
Minutes of the Sept 26th meeting were read and approved.

Meeting with Rafael was very low key.

1. Communications: Only emergencies get answered quickly. Rafael receives 1300 messages a week. We should interact first with our own office. He felt a meeting every three months might be possible.

2. Cleaning Staff: One cleaner 7 AM to 3 PM Monday to Friday, one for 4 hours on Saturday. Our building superintendent should be contacted if cleaning issues arise.

3. Laundry: Cleaning is done by our cleaner, supervised by our superintendent (Jun). Elizabeth to ask Jun to have lint filters cleaned.

4. Recycle: Carpets, clothing, etc. have been found in some recycle bins. Our building not known to be a problem.

5. Mail box: Comes under Canada Post. There is an empty mail box. The mailman noted the box number and said we would have to supply a lock for it.

6. Key for Card Room: Under supervision of the office. M&R is looking into 24/7 laundry room access. Roosevelt has now been given a key to the Card Room.

7. Hall benches: Still being studied. It was the fire department that required them to be removed.

The meeting was amicable and ended on a friendly note, but little concrete was accomplished.

A letter was received from the Royal Bank. They are looking into putting an ATM in one of the other businesses. Can we approach M&R to see if an ATM can be located in their vacant area?

A mini-grocery would be wonderful. A sub-committee could work on this. Roosevelt to research, Elizabeth to help.

Elizabeth surveyed the apartments above the laundry. They hear no noise from it.

Bill has found a floor standing ballet box available for $27. Naida said Rafael has approved a location outside the office by the mail boxes.

Next meeting November 7th.
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5 October 2016
The Wynford Tower Residents Liaison sub-committee (Roosevelt Robinson, Arnold Garson, Sophie Delis, Bill Lynn) met with our M&R representative (Rafael Tablada) at 10 AM Wednesday 5 October 2016.

Roosevelt opened the meeting with a summary of the objectives of the Wynford Tower Residents Association, emphasizing that we wish to be cooperative and not confrontational with M&R management, but we have some concerns regarding information from M&R. For example, detailed results of a survey conducted by M&R last year were not made available to residents.

The meeting continued to discuss several items that the Liaison committee had suggested.

1. Communication. It was agreed that normal communication will be by email between M&R (Rafael) and the Association, with copies to the Liaison committee members and the building superintendants.

Rafael stated that our suggested 5 day response time is unrealistic because he has no one to vet emails when he is away on business at other buildings or handling problems. It was therefore agreed that response to our normal emails will be as soon as possible. The initial response does not have to provide all the details if research is necessary, but simply to acknowledge receipt of the message and provide information that does not require research.

Urgent problems should be dealt with by work orders to the building superintendant or by completing the M&R Maintenance Request form on the Internet at M&RHoldings.com/tenant-services.

2. R. Robinson letter 20 July 2016. Rafael advised that Roosevelt's requests re the muddy path on the front lawn and lawn patches burnt by dog urine are being reviewed by M&R.

3. Cleaning Staff Hours and Reponsibilities. Cleaners are employed by a cleaning contractor. There is one cleaner on duty 40 hours per week, from 7 AM to 3 PM Monday through Friday. Another cleaner is on duty 4 hours on Saturdays. When a cleaner is on vacation the contractor supplies a replacement. Rafael may be able to furnish a copy of the contract conditions to the Association. The building superintendant should be contacted if specific cleaning issues arise.

4. Laundry Lint Buildup. Phelps have been purchased by Coin-a-Matic, who are now responsible for maintenance of laundry equipment. Cleaning is done by the building cleaner. If cleaning issues arise, we should contact the building superintendant.

5. Waste Management Infraction List. No detailed infraction list was issued to cause the waste management notice to be posted last spring. The Toronto waste inspector advised management simply that recycle bins contained non recyclable waste such as carpets, clothing, etc. Some fines in the $100 range were issued.
Items that cannot go down the garbage chute (carpets, mattresses, furniture, clothing, etc.) must be put in the disposal area near the compost bin, to be picked up by the waste disposal company.
Alternatively, reusable items can be taken to re-use facilities such as Value Village (Victoria Park just above Eglinton) or the Salvation Army Thrift Store (Eglinton between Lebovic and Warden).

6. Mail Box for the Association. Mail boxes are operated by Canada Post, so the only way to possibly get one for the Association would be to contact Canada Post.

7. Key for Card Room. M&R wish to have all public rooms controlled by the superintendants or the concierge. They are currently investigating the possibility of keeping the laundry room open 24 hours / day, with access by key fob. The installation, however, requires wiring to the control box and available space in the control box, so is not a simple matter. (The control box keeps a record every time a key fob is used.)

8. Hall Benches. Rafael mentioned that he is investigating whether the hall benches removed because of a fire code infraction can be replaced with benches of an acceptable material. If the infraction was because the benches acted as an obstruction to fire fighters, this will not be possible.

The meeting adjourned about 11:30 AM.
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26 September 2016
Linda read the minutes of Sept. 19th.
Omission: Discussion re garage problems.

Sophie did a great job of collecting comments re prioritized list.

Eric passed out updated notes.

Arnold spoke to both women who fell in the pool change room area. He tried to fall with and without shoes, and could not. A camera might be of use.

Priority List:
Communication with M&R staff should be a top priority. Okayed by show of hands.

Sub-committee of four people will work on:
  1. Communication with M&R; a hot line between Rafael and the four liaison committee members.
  2. Cleanliness overall (contract of cleaners).
  3. Laundry vents, fire hazard. Who monitors this?
  4. Moving room, recycling area (gate proposed by Linda).
  5. Social activities: aqua aerobics, fitness.
Thanks to Eric for all his hard work.

Elizabeth to ask tenants above the laundry room if they hear the noise from the washing machines and dryers.

Roosevelt and the liaison committee members to take the five priorities to Rafael. The four liaison committee members to meet before seeing Rafael.

Letter to Royal Band drafted by Thor and Eric. We will use Roosevelt's address for the return address.

We need an address for the Residents Committee to receive mail. Roosevelt will ask Naida for a mail box.

Siobhan Mulrooney agreed to be the spokesperson for disabled residents.

Next meeting Oct. 17.

Minutes approved 17 October 2016.
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19 September 2016
Meeting opened by Roosevelt, welcoming new members Siobhan (sounds like "Shivon") Mulrooney, Thor Eklund, Victor and Christine Bedeau.

Eric felt that his priorities list was not complete. Members had given their top few priorities and it was felt that we needed to know the level of all named concerns.

Sophie will redo the priorities list.

Thor to draft a letter to the Royal Bank re closing the Wynford Branch. He will send it to Eric and we will sign off on it at the next meeting.

Roosevelt will investigate party room use / availability.

Arnold will investigate change room: Do shiny floors in the women's change room cause accidents? (One broken arm, one concussion reported.)

Roosevelt to investigate why the AC is off, with high heat and humidity forecast for the next week.

Monica reported that all was fine in the garage.

Next meeting 26 September.
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12 September 2016
Meeting opened by Roosevelt, welcoming new members Nancy Kitchen and Aubrey Harmes, with an introduction of each.

Discussion of recent announcement that the elevator benches would be removed from all floors, as mandated by the fire department. Various reasons were given for this, such as non fire retardant material and the obstruction they may create in the case of a fire. Rafael has reported that the lawyers for MandR are looking into this, and he will report back to the resident association.

Reports were given by each member about their areas of responsibility. Linda reported that the floors she checked, 6th to 10th, had buckling, peeling wallpaper, dim lighting, stained carpet on the 6th floor, and generally dirty. She also voiced concern about notices left at residents' doors were a safety concern for those who may be away. She also mentioned dirty stairwells, and dirty hand rails.

Sophie reports similar concerns for floors 11 to 16.

RuthAnn reported on the basement level, and women's change room. The areas of the pool and gym were not accessible, being locked with the upper lock on the week end, but once available, were in good condition, clean and well lit. Locker room 3 was found to be partially flooded, but was obviously in the process of being repaired.

Arnold reported on the pool. He reported that he had spoken to Jun about the noisy fan issue, and hopes toget more information. The pool is clean, well maintained, but sometimes the chlorine level seems troublesome. The patio access from the pool is still not resolved, and members agree it would be helpful to have reasons explained by management, as to why.

Carol reported about the front entrance and lobby area. She feels the garden under the entrance roof could be nicer, to match the other gardens, which are lovely. She had no issues with the lobby, other than concerns now that the benches are being removed, for the seniors who wait there for wheel trans etc. not having somewhere to sit and wait. She also mentioned her concern about welcome mats and other personal possessions being left in the hallways, causing a danger and being against the rules.

Elizabeth reported on the laundry area and the hallway near the laundry area. She reported that the bathroom is not clean, and there are no paper towels for handwashing. It was suggested that the laundry should be accessible 24 hours, with some type of swipe card rather than being locked at 10 pm. It was also mentioned that the dryers are not being cleaned by phelps services, and could cause a fire hazard. Elizabeth also suggested that the house cleaning hours need to be increased, and it was agreed by all present that a part time cleaner is not sufficient for a building this size. Also, the wall paper in the basement was partially stripped several years ago, and has not been re papered or painted since.

Eric had a very detailed report about the passage/move- in staging area, garbage area Backyard drop off area, and upper parking lot. Since we received a written report, and it is quite lengthy, I will not repeat it, but refer to the written copy. During the discussion about the backyard, Nancy reports that the property is actually owned by the city, and the restrictions that would place on management regarding making changes such as fencing or other security concerns, since it is really not private property.

Nancy also suggested that since someof our concerns are related to contractors, and sub contractors, regarding housekeeping and maintenance issues, perhaps it would help if we could know the details of their contracts.

It was agreed that a list of concerns should be prioritized, and presented to Rafael by the sub committee. It was also recommended by Roosevelt that Bill be added to the sub-committee.

Roosevelt discussed the website that was created by Bill, and praised the quality of the website, pointing out that it perfectly explained the mandate of the committee, and stated he would like a paper copy given to every unit. The name of the website was agreed on by all present, and will be known as Wynfordtowerresidents.ca

Meeting was adjourned about 9:30 PM.
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29 August 2016
Present: Roosevelt Robinson, Arnold Garson, Elizabeth Cameron, Linda Vir, SophieDelis, Ruth Ann Doyle, Eric Thom, Carol Smith, Bill Lynn.

Meeting began by re-capping the previous two meetings for new members, Eric Thom and Bill Lynn.

We discussed the different types of associations, a legal tenant association, or a group of dedicated volunteers. All voted to adopt the less formal choice of a dedicated group of volunteers to work with management.*

Roosevelt proposed a smaller sub group to present issues to management.
The group to include:
    Chairman......Roosevelt Robinson
    Sub chair......Arnold Garson
    Member........Ruth Ann Doyle
A review of the breakdown of duties for each member, to be reported on at each meeting, with any proposals for solutions to problems.

Issues concerning dogs was discussed, with some dialogue of how to address these concerns. Examples, voiding on lawns and gardens, and pet hair in laundry machines. To be discussed further at the next meeting.

Sophie raised the idea of doing a fundraiser within the building for a chosen charitable group. To be discussed further at a later meeting.

A discussion about how to communicate with residents, with the idea of possibly creating a website.

Suggested by Roosevelt that a card be sent to Jeff and Eileen, as a thank you for work done at the early stages of developing the association. Agreed upon by all present.

Meeting adjourned. Next meeting to be Sept. 12th at 7.30pm.

*Objectives and philosophy of the WTRA, as proposed by Chair Roosevelt Robinson. It was agreed that our objective is to be a non-legalistic, non-confrontational association, with the following Rationale:
1. A legalistic body is not essential. "As long as we are working to improve the lives of residents, there is no one way things must be done".
2. "This is our home. We want to live our lives in peace and harmony in a beautiful setting." Friction and upheaval are to be avoided.
3. We should under no circumstances engage in confrontation and disruption, or in any other adversarial behaviour, in order to achieve our objectives.
4. Our objective is the overall improvement of Wynford Tower in collaboration with M&R, as noted in the 22 August 2016 meeting notes.
5. We can choose not to be a defacto legal body, but rather a committee of dedicated, active residents who are prepared to work with each other and with the Superintendants and with M&R management.
6. Key ingredients: openness, dialogue, persuasion.
7. Three players: Residents, Superintendents, Management
8. Residents (R) - Nothing can be achieved by working alone. Secrecy is to be avoided.
9. Superintendents (S) - We must work together with Naida and Francisco as a team. A liaison committee could meet regularly with office staff and report back to the Steering Committee.
10. Management (M) - We must work together with Management, without whom nothing can be achieved.
11. R+S+M = Success
12. The above is a proposed model for M&R Management - Resident relations.
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22 August 2016
The roles and responsibilities of committee members were further explored at this meeting. Naida Robles from the office and Rafael Tablada from Management attended. Rafael's comments were positive and encouraging, and he asked that we "Help Management to identify opportunities to improve the resident experience".
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15 August 2016
Nine interested residents met at 7.30pm.

We accepted Roosevelts idea as our mandate, and a Steering Committee was set up.

We discussed our own pet peeves, and hopes for the future.

We were tasked with making up a form to give to all residents regarding their opinions on what they would like to see us do. These will bebroughtto the next meeting on August 22nd.

We will make a composite, and each take three floors and distribute the questionnaire.

We will enquirer if there is a larger room that we can use for functions. We believe there is such a room next to the laundry room that will need to be cleared out.

As per Linda Vir's notes..
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8 August 2016
The information meeting for the planned Wynford Heights Residents Association was held in the lobby at 7:30 PM. The large number of attendees necessitated a move to the front entryway, where a number of people volunteered to be on the steering committee.
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