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Meeting Notes - 2017

Update 2018-01-30
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Effective 29 August 2017, Committee meetings will be held at 7:30 PM
the last Tuesday of each month in the Card Room, B Level, west end.
The next monthly committee meeting will be at 7:30 PM Tuesday 29 January 2018.

28 November 2017
31 October 2017
26 September 2017
19 September 2017
29 August 2017
15 Aug Follow-up
15 August 2017
1 August 2017
20 June 2017
6 June 2017
16 May 2017
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4 April 2017
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28 November 2017
The November meeting of the Wynford Tower Residents Committee was held at 7:30 PM Tuesday 28 November in Apartment 804, because equipment from the Party Room is reportedly now stored in the Card Room.

Present: Roosevelt Robinson, Arnold Garson, Aubrey Harmes, Henry Furman, Bill Lynn

Minutes of the meeting 31 Ocotber 2017 were approved.

Roosevelt advised that no further information is available regarding renovation of the Social / Card Room which is to be available to residents in January 2018.

Roosevelt advised that no information has been received regarding reasons for installation of instruction plates on balconies.

No committee members were available to attend the Wynford Community Town Hall 27 November.

Roosevelt advised that the grocery store across the street is hoping to open mid-December 2017, if construction progress permits.

Roosevelt will ask permission from Rafael to hold a sing-along after the M&R Holiday Party 12 December, similar to last year’s sing-along.
2017/12/05: Permission received from Rafael.

Arnold will ask Jun about the progress of paper towel dispensers in the wash rooms in the laundry and change rooms.
2017/11/29: Arnold reports that we are awaiting the right dispensers, as the new towels are a different size.

Bill will post a notice to tell residents that Naida is away, possibly until late December.

Bill will draft a year-end report for approval by the Committee.

The next monthly Committee meeting will be held 30 January 2018, location to be determined.

The meeting adjourned at 8:35 PM.

William Lynn
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31 October 2017
The October meeting of the Wynford Tower Residents Committee was held at 7:30 PM Tuesday 31 October in Apartment 804, because the equipment from the Party Room is now stored in the Card Room.

Present: Roosevelt Robinson, Arnold Garson, Henry Furman, Linda Vir, Bill Lynn.

Roosevelt advised that the Party Room across the hall from the Card room is being renovated to be available for resident use in place of the Card Room starting in January 2018. It will be called the Social / Card Room. The equipment that was stored in the Party Room has been moved to the Card Room.

Roosevelt advised that management declined to permit the Therapeutic Indian Exercise Class to be offered because it would involve a paid leader from outside the building, which would contravene standard M&R policy.

Bill advised that the patio furniture that was supplied and installed by residents has been taken to the Habitat for Humanity ReStore facility on Bermondsey Road, to prevent it from being discarded per building management directive.

Bill mentioned that the centre lid of the green bid is now open most mornings with garbage strewn over the top, since the assembly to prevent the lids from being left open was removed. Our cleaner has to clean up the mess. Bill asked if anyone was aware of negative side effects of the limiter assembly which would explain its removal. Roosevelt said there had been complaints, but he does not know the details.

Roosevelt advised that Rafael is open to regular meetings with the Liaison Sub Committee. It was decided that an early topic for discussion should be how residents will gain access to the Social / Card Room.

The meeting adjourned at 8:40 PM

William Lynn
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26 September 2017
The September meeting of the Wynford Tower Residents Committee was held in the Card Room at 7:30 PM Tuesday, 26 September 2017.

Present: Roosevelt Robinson, Arnold Garson, Audrey Roman, Linda Vir, Elizabeth Cameron, Eric Thom, Bill Lynn, Henry Furman

The Minutes of the Meeting 2017/08/29 were approved.

The minutes of the meeting with M&R 2017/09/19 were discussed and approved.

Roosevelt proposed that a workshop of Therapeutic Indian Exercise be held. It was agreed to hold the event Tuesday, 17 October 2017 at 7:30 PM. Registration will be requested in order to assess the number of people interested. Bill will produce advertising.

The meeting adjourned at 8:50 PM.

William B Lynn
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19 September 2017
A meeting of the Liaison Sub Committee (LSC) of the Wynford Tower Residents Association with M&R Property Management was held at 3 PM Tuesday 19 September 2017 in the Wynford Tower Card Room

Present: M&R Property Managers: Rafael Tablada and Jody Baker
Wynford Tower Superintendent: Naida Robles
LSC members: Roosevelt Robinson, Arnold Garson, Henry Furman, Bill Lynn
Reviewed 20170922 by R. Tablada, R. Robinson, H. Furman, B. Lynn

Objective: The principal objective of the meeting was to discuss requests made by the Association in a submission delivered to Management 8 September 2017, see MgmtMtg20170919Submission.pdf.

Opening Remarks
Roosevelt emphasized that the objective of the Association is to help Management to improve living conditions at Wynford Tower in any way they can.

Rafael stated that M&R have owned and managed Toronto rental buildings for fifty years. They are anxious to address tenant issues, and appreciate resident desire to contribute where possible, but M&R must approve resident initiatives in order to assure that there are no legal ramifications. For example, the green bin lid lift limiter installed by a resident to prevent the lids from being left open could result in injury to a resident unable to lift the lids.

M&R maintain their buildings on an on-going basis. For example:
    The exterior of #35 was renovated in 2013 at a cost in excess of one million dollars.
    In 2014 the garage ramp was rebuilt, requiring a parking lot to be built to the east of #45 to accommodate all the vehicles from the garage during ramp replacement, and to be removed afterwards.
    Lighting similar to lighting on the fourteenth floor is being evaluated for future installation in common areas.
    The walls facing the elevators on each floor are being painted to cover up the dirt where benches were removed.
    The SB level vinyl flooring is to be replaced by new flooring.
    Management had the air conditioning turned on during the recent spell of warm weather, although legally the heating season had begun.

Submission Requests:

Renovations: Repair of front entry tiles and re-cleaning of stained carpets are an M&R priority. There is a building capital plan in the office available to residents to view. A general renovation could take place at a future date, and may be subject to an Above Guideline Increase (AGI) in rent.

Garage Ceilings: This is a current M&R priority. An engineering report is required to determine the repairs required, which are expected to be extensive. Work may be done in 2018.

Garage mirrors: A specialist is investigating placement of new mirrors at the bottoms of ramps.

Elevator lobby benches: M&R are investigating whether the existing benches now stored in the Party Room can be made acceptable to Toronto Fire, to be re-installed.

Patio Furniture: Resident-painted furniture does not conform to M&R policy, which allows only factory finished outdoor furniture to preclude peeling and chipping problems. M&R will replace patio furniture if necessary. Rafael mentioned that smoking and alcohol consumption are not permitted on the patio.

Patio Mud: M&R are considering installation of fences to prevent mud from sliding onto the patio from the surrounding bare ground.

Pool/Patio access: Access was restricted several years ago because it was found to be hazardous when a resident was injured.

Security: M&R are considering installation of additional surveillance cameras and lighting at the rear of the building.

Pool fans: The fans have been inspected and are operating normally. To provide quieter fans would involve re-design to allow the motors to be placed outside.

Office hours: A clock face will be posted when the office is closed, to show the estimated time that it will re-open.

Pets on Leash Sign: A Pets on leash sign would be in conflict with the pet-free policy at Wynford Tower (see Tenancy Agreement, items 18 & 19, Rules and Regulations, item 12). Request declined.

No Idling Sign: M&R have found that such signs have little effect and cannot be enforced. Request declined.

Hand dryers in laundry and change room washrooms: Paper towel dispensers removed for painting will be replaced.

Gym access: M&R will consider longer hours for gym access, using electric locks if feasible.

Fire alarm All Clear: Toronto Fire are the only ones authorized to issue an All Clear announcement. The false alarms in June were caused by a fault in the alarm system which has been repaired.

Party Room: The Party Room (to be called the Social / Card Room) will replace the Card Room when a place has been found to store the equipment that is currently stored in the Party Room, during its renovation and transfer, which M&R hopes to complete by January 2018.

Social / Card Room Access: M&R will have a reservation system for use of the Social / Card Room, which will include security deposits for private parties with outside guests.


Lobby Lounge for activities such as Tai Chi? No (due to fire regulations).

Shared resources? The Wynford Tower parking lot and patio are normally intended for use by #35 residents and guests, but they are not policed and there is currently no intention to do so.

Leakage problems from outdoors in 08 apartments: Currently being investigated by contractors.

Corridor heating / cooling: Rafael informed us that all corridors receive their fresh air from outside.

Privacy concerns: M&R adhere to strict privacy laws, but some suppliers such as rent payment agencies use electronic storage which may be located in other countries. Only three outside companies are authorized to receive data about M&R residents, as detailed on the M&R website. Residents who have questions can contact the M&R Information Officer at 416-449-9350 or via email at privacy@mandrholdings.com

EV Chargers: None being considered at this time (no government guidelines exist yet for multi-resident buildings).

Rafael War Stories: Stories shared by Rafael from his experiences as a building manager are left to the imagination of the reader.

Residents Request Record: The Residents Request Record was updated per the discussion.

Adjournment: The very cordial and collaborative meeting adjourned at 4:45 PM.

William B Lynn, Web administrator, Wynford Tower Residents Association
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29 August 2017
Present: Roosevelt Robinson, Linda Vir, Audrey Roman, Henry Furman, Siobhan Mulrooney, Aubrey Harmes, Bill Lynn, Elizabeth Cameron, Ruth Ann Doyle.

Roosevelt suggested that Bill’s meeting notes for the website be used as minutes, and thanked Ruth Ann for doing the minutes over the past year. Agreed.

Roosevelt reviewed the extended negotiations and numerous date changes that led to the meeting with M&R now scheduled for 19 September 2017.

Roosevelt summarized the meetings held by the Liaison Sub Committee (LSC) to arrive at the submission for the meeting with M&R, which has been distributed for discussion at this meeting.

Bill summarized the proposed submission as emphasizing resident commitment to do things within their power. All resident requests for M&R work submitted to date are included, with a Resident Request Record proposed to keep track of requests and their resolution.

Eric email suggestions re submission items were discussed:
2.3 Agreed to include a request that a key to the card room (common room) be made available to the Residents Association.
2.4 Agreed to change “seems to meet” to “meets”. Uses of the benches are included.
2.5. Agreed to include the fact that office hours are not posted.
2.6 Agreed to request that both pool ventilation fans be replaced.
3.4 Eric’s disagreement with patio access from the pool was not agreed to by some long-time residents at the meeting who stated that pool / patio access was formerly available. It was agreed to leave this request in the submission.
3.6 Hand drying facilities should be provided in common washrooms. Retained.
It was felt that Eric’s Key Issue re isolation of 35 from 45 is addressed implicitly in question 5.1.

Linda Vir asked that the item about fire alarms include having an All Clear when an alarm is cleared, and that new windows should be mentioned. Agreed.

It was agreed that in future the Committee will meet once per month on the last Tuesday of the month, which makes the next meeting 26 September 2017.

Henry asked that the results of the 19 September meeting with M&R be sent to the Committee before the next meeting. Agreed

The meeting adjourned at 8:45 PM

William B Lynn
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Follow-up to 15 August 2017 Meeting
Following are comments to some of the issues raised at the 15 August Committee meeting:

Linda re Locker Room 11 Flooding: We looked at the locker room after the meeting. There was a stream of water flowing from a small pipe in the ceiling near the door, leaving a pool of water which made it inconvenient to access the lockers and could potentially damage stored goods. Since this locker room is used by several residents, I completed a Tenant Request on the M&R website. The following response was received by email from Naida Wednesday, 2017/08/16, “Hi Bill, Already checked by Jun and the plumber today and will be fixed on Friday. Thanks, Naida Robles, Resident Superintendent.” I checked at 5 PM Friday, leak stopped, but floor still damp. (All dry as of 29 August 2017.)
There may have been collatoral damage, in that RuthAnn says the lady in a 1st floor apartment (two floors above Locker Room 11) came home Wednesday to find her bedroom wall broken open. It may be that that was caused by efforts to find the cause of the locker room leak.

Myrna re flies from Compostables bin: A structure has been installed to prevent the lids from being left open (by humans or by animals). Note that Samuel hoses down the green bin after it is emptied on Friday (we discovered that Friday 18 August while snapping Ruth Ann using the Lid Open Close Tool.)

Myrna re Recycle bin lids: If residents were forced to use the slots in the bins to deposit recycling, it seems likely that recycling would reduce to the levels of a decade or more ago, and garbage would increase dramatically. As a compromise measure, about half the recycle bin lids are kept open after they are emptied each Thursday, to be closed when full, and others opened.
To allow residents to help, A Lid Open Close Tool has been made, which is just a an eight foot 1x2 with a hook on one end. It is stored in the Association Garden Tools area. The objective is to allow residents who notice that a recycle bin is full to close it and open another. Two photos below show RuthAnn using the tool to close and to open a recycle bin lid.

Green Bin Lid Lift Limiter and Lid Open Close Tool, Closing a Lid and Opening a lid
(To see larger versions, click on the photos.)

Myrna & Audrey re Garbage Chute hours: The Waste Disposal room doors are fitted with deadbolt locks, but the labour required to lock them at 10 PM and unlock them at 8 AM on 25 floors boggles the mind. A sign has been posted on selected floors to see if there is any kick-back.
See Garbage Chute Hours Sign

Elizabeth re Open Hours sign on office door: This is one of the Outstanding Requests listed in the proposed submittal for the meeting with M&R.

Arnold re Changes to M&R’s Privacy Policy: A scan of the article from the Summer 2017 Newsletter summarizing the changes is at Privacy Policy Scan. The detailed information is on the internet at MandRHoldings.com/Privacy Policy.
The Third Party Disclosure List includes only three firms: 1. Carma Billing Services, Inc., 2. Enercare Connections, Inc.; 3. Rogers Communication Partnership. A question regarding this issue is included in the proposed submission for the meeting with M&R.

Bill Lynn, 1807, 416-441-2134
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15 August 2017
Present: L. Vir, A. Roman, A. Garson, N. Chinoy, S. Mulrooney, H. Furman, B. Lynne, RA.Doyle, E. Cameron, B. George, M. McKinley.

Minutes from previous meeting adopted by H. Furman, and seconded by E.Cameron.

New member Myrna McKinley introduced and welcomed.

Roosevelt opened the meeting by reminding all of us that the committee has been operational for one year, and feels the next year will be significant following the meeting with management on Sept. 19th. He reported that the sub-committee is working on a document to submit to Rafael and Randy, which will be presented to the committee at the next meeting on Aug. 29th. The document will then be sent to management for their perusal prior to the meeting. Audrey suggested that the document be succinct, as they will not want to wade through a lot of detail.

Roosevelt encouraged us to continue working as a team. As a group, it was determined that the agenda of the meetings would remain open for new items following the planned agenda.

Linda requested that the plumbing needs updating as there is significant water dripping in the lockers. She also wants new windows in the building, as none of the windows will open in her apartment.

Myrna reported that she has a significant problem with flys, which is from the compost bin which is below her apartment. As a long term tenant, she reports that the bins were always closed and hosed out more regularly. Smell from the bins is also an issue.

Audrey prepared a sign for the garbage chute rooms, specifying the times of operation be more prominently displayed, 8am until 10pm. Apparently in the past the doors were locked at 10pm, and the feasibility of that was discussed. It was decided that we would ask Jun if signs could be posted, as they had been removed during painting.

Arnold reiterated his interest in a retro fit of the whole building, including paper, paint, and cleaning. Siobhan agreed with Arnold.

Henry reported a greatly diminished proliferation of cigarette butts since the sign was posted, and stated the ashtrays placed on the patio are being used, reducing butts on the ground.

Henry also gave a lengthy report regarding flooding from the air conditioning in his apartment, the forth in a year. He wrote a long and detailed report to tenant services at MandR, and received a positive response quickly. He suggests that if tenants took this action in response to their concerns more often, it could be helpful in getting repairs done. He obtained the email address from the recent newsletter.
Note: There is link to the Tenant Services form on the home page of this website, which links to M&RHoldings.com/tenant-services. (Opens in a new window.)

Elizabeth states her major concern is getting signs posted regarding office hours and hours of concierge.

Linda suggested that the recent newsletter stating the positive way that tenants view the management of the building was not reflective of our experience of tenant satisfaction, and tenants should write to the newsletter with negative and more truthful comments.

Arnold brought up a concern about privacy in the newsletter about managements right to store and formation offshore, and feels we should find out more about that.

Roosevelt asked the committee if we should have a welcoming person to introduce new tenants to the community. It was felt that it would be a good idea, and RuthAnn offered to be the person, should it be approved. We will ask at the office if this could be possible.

Meeting adjourned, with next meeting to be Aug. 29th, 2017.

Ruth Ann Doyle
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1 August 2017
From: Ruth Ann Doyle
Date: August 9, 2017 at 12:15:44 PM EDT
To: webadmin@wynfordtowerresidents.ca
Subject: Meeting minutes of Aug. 1st, 2017

Present: R. Robinson, B. Lynn, Henry Furman, S. Mulrooney, E. Cameron, L.Vir, N. Chinoy, E. Thom, RA. Doyle

First item discussed was to determine where all future meetings would be held, and it was decided the card room was most appropriate.

Eric moved the minutes from the previous meeting be accepted, seconded by Elizabeth.

Elizabeth thanked members responsible for the patio upgrades and stated there is enough money in the kitty to pay the expenses incurred. Accepted by RuthAnn, and seconded by Linda.

A bench placed in the lobby by Bill has not yet been approved by MandR, so no decision on payment as yet. That led to a discussion about all the old benches stacked in the party room, and if they are a fire hazard being stored there, as the reason given by the fire dept for them being removed from the hallways was that they were a fire hazard.

Henry brought up the condition of the ceiling in the garage. Great sections are falling down, with dripping also occurring and dripping on the cars. He took it upon himself to paint the area above his car, but the ceiling needs to be repaired before it does further damage to others cars. Also, water pours into the garage when it rains, like a waterfall.

Bill reported on a letter from a tenant Myrna M. Her comments to the committee were in relation to:
1. The recycle and compost bins. The lids should be closed, at least at night.
2. Muddy streaks running down the inside of the door in the pool area, and mud coming in from the patio.
3. She complimented the committee for the improvements made, ie. the new sod at the front, and the patio improvements.

Bill also addressed another email from another tenant, Ralph, about the gym. He would like to have access to the gym before going to work, but it is not always unlocked. Could the hours be posted and consistent.

Eric commented that we are becoming a charity. Tenants from 45 walk on the new grass, use our backyard area and parking lot, and MandR has really done nothing despite our best efforts.

Siobhan complimented the new patio furniture effort.

RuthAnn reported on the call received from the police regarding community policing liaison committee. Bryan Campbell and Kelly Donnie would be our contacts, with Kelly being the lead person. She will be available after Aug. 14th, and RuthAnn will follow up with her and possibly arrange for her to come to a meeting with us, as a committee.

Linda brought up the old and very noisy fans in the pool area and the parking garage, and we should ask for them to be replaced.

Elizabeth reported that her locker had been broken into, and felt that management did not leave a detailed message, and therefore left her locker vulnerable longer than it should have been.

Roosevelt reviewed his 3 part approach plan when addressing management next month.

Agreed next meeting will be held Aug. 15th, in the card room.

Meeting adjourned.

RuthAnn Doyle
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20 June 2017
Present: Roosevelt Robinson (RR), Henry Furman (HF), Audrey Roman, Navo Chinoy (NC), Linda Vir LV), Brian George (BG), Elizabeth Cameron (EC), Bill Lynn (BL)

Minutes of Meeting 6 June 2017 read and approved (LV, BG).

Agenda Items (LSC = Liaison Sub Committee: Robinson, Garson, Doyle, Lynn)

A. Outside Property Tour: Postponed because of rain. The tour was intended to look at litter in the area of the stairway down from the outdoor parking area. There are no waste receptacles nearby. Discussion included the lack of waste disposal containers in the indoor garage, and no cigarette receptacles in the front entry or on the pool patio.
Decision: Liaison Sub Committee (LSC) to request waste disposal containers in the two indoor garage levels, and cigarette receptacles in the front entry area and the pool patio area.
Note A1: Henry reports that he did a cleanup Wednesday morning 21 June (the morning after the meeting). He found many cigarette butts in both the front entry area and the back lawn area, and he suggests that pails filled with sand could be used as cigarette butt receptacles.
Note A2: Rafael has clarified that waste disposal containers were intentionally removed from public areas to encourage residents to take litter to the appropriate disposal bins, and cigarette butt receptacles were removed to deter smoking, which is illegal within 9 metres of building entrances.

B. Review of RR and AG discussions with Rafael:
B1. Rafael confirmed that M&R have agreed that visitor parking areas may be used by residents of 35 and 45 WHC. Members present complained that the 35 visitors’ lot is sometimes full, especially on holidays when many visitors arrive.
Decision: No action required.
B2. The muddy short cut on the front lawn has not been fixed. Concerns included that that area may be on municipal property, the area is prone to washout in heavy rain (as evidenced by the washout of the fill and lawn seed installed by RR last year). Suggestions included planting flowers, asking the landscapers, when working in the area, if they have any ideas, installing a rock fence using stones from the disused fountain.
Decision: LSC to discuss possible action with M&R.
B3. Other items listed in the Agenda, including beautification of the park area behind the building, elevator floor condition, need for a Common Room, etc., were discussed at length. No action was decided upon, although HF offered to do a litter pickup in the area behind the building and LV offered to help if available. (See note A1 to item A.)
C. Meeting with M&R VP: RR proposes to arrange a meeting with M&R VP Randy Daiter, as agreed at the April 4 meeting. No new suggestions were made for RR to bring up, although many old complaints were revisited at length.

D. Voluntarism: Eric and RuthAnn were both absent, so were unable to provide updates on their research into Community Watch type activities.

E. Rafael response to BL questions:
E1. Card Room key: M&R wish to control use of the card room. Residents who wish to use it should so request (not clear to whom). If approved, Superintendents will unlock the card room when required.
E2. Party Room: Rafael says the Party Room is no bigger than the Card Room, so we must decide if we wish to move from the Card Room to the Party Room. (Party Room renovations would be required). From the floor plan posted on the B level, it appears that the Party Room may be slightly smaller than the Card Room, but the Party Room has an additional small room which might be the bathroom.
Decision: LSC will inspect the Party Room to determine whether there is any advantage to moving to it, if it would replace the Card Room.
E3. Elevator Lobby Benches: T.O fire services require non-combustible benches (metal or concrete). M&R feel that benches they have looked at give jail-like appearance which they do not accept.
Decision: No action required.

New Business
An email from a resident notes that Samuel, our cleaner, has to climb into the recycle bins to break up cardboard boxes and empty garbage bags before the bins are emptied, and also asks why residents were not informed of the causes for the two recent fire alarms.

With regard to the recycle problem, the only suggestion is to post a notice reminding residents that we are subject to fines if unbroken boxes or bags of recyclables are discovered in our bins. There may be some advantage in having a photo of Samuel in the bins as part of the notice.
Decision: BL to come up with a notice to post.

With regard to the fire alarms, one committee member recalled hearing an announcement saying that the alarm had been caused by a “mechanical fault in the garage". The announcement would not be heard or understood by anyone not standing in close proximity to the PA speaker.
Decision: LSC to ask M&R if residents can be advised of the cause of fire alarms.

Summary of Actions Required:
1. LSC to request waste disposal containers in the two garage levels, and cigarette receptacles at the front entry and in the pool patio area. However, see item A Notes re Henry suggestion of sand in pails for cigarette butts, and Rafael clarifications re garage waste containers and cigarette butt receptacles.
2. LSC to discuss with M&R possible actions to fix the muddy short-cut issue.
3. LSC to clarify whether the Party Room is to replace the Card Room and, if so, inspect and measure the Party Room to decide whether it is a better option than the Card Room.
4. LSC to ask M&R to inform residents of the cause of fire alarms after they have occurred.
5. BL to come up with a proposed notice re recycling responsibilities, to be posted on the board by the office and in the laundry room.

Next Meeting: 7:30 PM Tuesday, 1 August, 2017

William Lynn, 1807
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6 June 2017
Eric Thom explained research he has done in regards to the parking lot of 35 Wynford Heights Cres., being used by visitors to 45, as well as other transient people who use the parking lot and back yard, leaving garbage, cans and bottles behind.

The bulk of the meeting was spent discussing the difficulty starting up a community watch program, clarifying the property signage, and discussing ideas of how we as an association can assist in the areas that have been identified by Jun as problem areas.

Meeting was adjourned with no date decided for the next meeting.

RuthAnn Doyle 20170614
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16 May 2017
Present: R. Robinson, E. Thom, R.A. Doyle, E. Cameron, A. Garson, B. Lynn, S. Mulrooney, H. Furman, B. George, A. Harmes.

Minutes of previous meeting on May 2, accepted by Aubrey, and seconded by Eric.

Roosevelt opened the meeting by turning over the lead to Eric and RuthAnn, to report on the meeting with Naida and Jun, and to get feed back from members about their suggestions to build rapport.

Arnold asked for an explanation of our goal to build confidence with the office. Eric proceeded to explain the goal, he reported that we had a successful meeting with Naida and Jun, and Jun did provide a list of suggestions of where the committee could assist them.

Eric then polled members for their suggestions. Many positive suggestions were presented and discussed:
  1. Post a sign at the office with clear instructions to follow when it is closed.
  2. Give a letter to new tenants to introduce the association with information about the area, and contact numbers, a "welcome to new residents committee" of sorts.
  3. Provide the office with a calendar monthly with planned group activities, to be updated as needed to help improve communication with the office.
  4. Create more social gathering spaces, by having one or two picnic tables in the back yard. More use of the area may discourage outsiders from using the area. Also support Jun's suggestion for more lighting in the back, also to discourage nefarious use of that dark space.
  5. Investigate the possibility of establishing a community watch program by contacting the local police for suggestions signs etc.
  6. Continue to report to the office any problems we see, areas requiring cleaning or repair, or security.
  7. Improve relations with dog owners in the building by having social activities which include dogs, such as a dog show/competition in the back yard.
Meeting was adjourned with no date set for next meeting.

RuthAnn Doyle
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2 May 2017
Present: R. Robinson, E. Thom, B. Lynn, N. Chinoy, A. Harmes, H. Furman, L. Vir

A report regarding the meeting with the superintendents Naida and Jun, as well as Raphael and Randy from head office. It was thought to be a positive meeting, with Randy agreeing to meet with the association quarterly.

Linda thanked those who came out to pick up garbage on earth day, in association with a group from 75 Wynford Heights. There was a turnout of 14, and many bags of garbage was collected. Tea and coffee was served afterward at Linda's apartment.

Eric reported on speaking with the firemen when the early morning alarm sounded, and suggested an all clear when determined would be helpful.

Roosevelt reported that Eric would be working with Naida and Jun, to develop a working relationship with them and assure them that we want to work with them.

Next meeting to be held May 16, 2017.

RuthAnn Doyle
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4 April 2017
R. Robinson, L. Vir, N. Chinoy, S. Mulrooney, H. Furman, E. Cameron, R. Doyle, A. Garson, E. Thom

1. Roosevelt began the meeting with a report that, while perusing the Viewit website, he noted that it included in the description of our building, that dogs are welcome. This statement does not appear in M&R rental information.

2. A discussion about people from 45 using the parking spaces on 35's property, and how we could control that better, with no solutions agreed upon at this time.

3. A suggestion presented to get a blue box for the laundry room for large plastic detergent bottles that are going in the garbage currently. Will pursue this idea with Naida.

4. Roosevelt reports that the party room is in progress with renovations. Arnold suggested that our original goal was to get wallpaper redone, and to spruce up the building with relatively minor repairs. Eric brought up the need for another mirror in the underground parking.

5. The purchase of a coffee urn, to be used for association functions was discussed, and Roosevelt generously offered to purchase one.

RuthAnn Doyle
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28 February2017
Roosevelt Robinson, Arnold Garson, Bill Lynn, RuthAnn Doyle, Elizabeth Cameron, Linda Vir, Siobhan Mulroney, Carol Smith, Navo Chinoy, Aubrey Harmes, Henry Furman, Eric Thom.

Minutes from meeting of January 31st approved, moved by Elizabeth Cameron and seconded by Henry Furman.

1. RuthAnn suggested that we attempt another movie night, since a tenant asked when we would be doing another movie. VCR/DVD player with movies has been loaned to the committee. It was decided that we would plan for March 15th. Bill will promote the event, and we will show Manchester by the sea.

2. Arnold reported that he and Roosevelt met with Nadia, and had a co-operative and pleasant meeting. The goal being to build relations with Naida and Jun to reassure them that we want to have a co-operative working arrangement with them, and will be held on a regular basis with sub committee. The issue of the office hours was brought up again with Naida, but no solution was agreed upon as yet.

3. It was reported that there is still no treadmill in the gym.

4. Carol reported that the floor in the sub basement is still marked up with black marks. She also reported that there was a wagon filled with garbage in the parking garage in the sub basement. She recorded the parking spot and will report it to the office.

5. Ruth Ann reported that there was a new box outside the laundry room which looks like a fob operated lock, but no one was aware of it, and there has been no announcement from the office as yet.

6. Carol questioned if the patio chairs now in the lobby level by the elevator, could be replaced by something more aesthetically more pleasing.

7. There has been no feed back as to whether the party room has been de cluttered and is ready for use.

8. A discussion about ways to fund raise for future events was discussed. During the Valentine event, several people stated they felt they should be contributing. No decision made as to whether it should be a fee for the event, or by donation. The temporary decision for the March 15th movie would be donation.

9. Roosevelt reviewed the plans for the March 28th meeting with Naida, Jun, Rafael, and Randy Daiter from MandR.

Meeting adjourned by Roosevelt. Next meeting to be held March 14th, 2017.

RuthAnn Doyle
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31 January 2017
Notes on Committee meeting at 7:30 PM 31 Jan 2017 in the Card Room

Present: Roosevelt Robinson, Arnold Garson, Bill Lynn, RuthAnn Doyle, Eric Thom, Linda Vir, Elizabeth Cameron, Siobhan Mulroney, Henry Furman, Aubrey Harmes, Navo Chinoy, Carol Smith, Pamela Nunes De Souza, Brian George.

1. Roosevelt opened the meeting, and reported that Rafael Tablada would meet with the sub committee tomorrow evening at 7P.M. To discuss the use of the lobby for our Valentine sing along, since it was recommended by him that we hold the event in the card room. Much conversation ensued about what the options would be if the lobby is not available to us, and it was decided that we would proceed with the event in the card room.

2. Eric reported about his research regarding recycling, and his meeting with a representative from the city. She reported that many mistakes are being made here at this building.when the bins are contaminated with non recyclable materials, the total bin becomes garbage and the building is fined. Examples of items found in the bins are construction materials, broken glass, and bags of garbage. Updated posters of appropriate recycle materials will be posted, and tenants will be assisted with information if found to be recycling inappropriately. Eric also reported on finding a website, the tenant landlord association, to assist us as a resource for questions that may arise.

3. Pamela attended the meeting to ask questions she had regarding her hydro bill. After sharing information with association members, she felt her questions, on the whole, were answered.

4. RuthAnn reported on the viability of obtaining a defibrillator for the building. Due to the costs, and more importantly, the legal liability, as well as the fast response time of 911 calls in our area,, members agreed that it was not a viable option for the association to become involved with.

5. Arnold read a prepared presentation, to be presented to management for approval of the plan to have aqua fit in the pool, and exercises supervised by better living, in the card room, with approval by members.

6. Brian was invited to the meeting as a resident dog owner. He reports that many dog owners generally feel that the association is against dog owners, partly because of the recent signage about dogs being posted around the building. He was reassured that our only concern was about irresponsible dog owners, which negatively affects other tenants in the building, such as not picking up, or excessive barking.

Meeting adjourned 9 PM
RuthAnn Doyle
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16 January 2017
Roosevelt Robinson, Henry Furman, Arnold Garson, Bill Lynn, Aubrey Harmes, Navo Chinoy, Eric Thom, Siobhan Mulroney, Elizabeth Cameron, Ruth Ann Doyle.

1. Frequency of future meetings discussed, and determined that meetings would be held every two weeks, on Tuesdays, starting January 31, 2017.

2. Navo and Arnold reported on plans for Aqua fit. Sessions could begin Thursday April 6, 2017 at 11 a.m., pending approval from management. Navo also reports that she met with better living, and they are willing to come and do free exercises with instructor Serena Kim. We will ask for approval to use the card room, or the large area in the women's pool change room.

3. Eric gave a report on recycling. The city has reported that we will be charged a fee for using the recycling inappropriately. He spoke to someone who is willing to work with us to attempt to improve this problem and offer suggestions. They were pleased that we wanted to work with them, and will meet with any members on Wednesday January 25th at 11.00 a.m.

Eric also reported that there was a lot of garbage blown around the property, including white chairs from the pool patio. Eric and RuthAnn will meet to do an initial clean up. He also mentioned that the green compost bin should be moved away from the fence, to make accessibility more difficult for the raccoons and squirrels.

4. It was again discussed about the inconsistency of the office hours. Would it be possible to have a sign made to inform tenants of when the office will be open, to avoid making several trips.

5. The possibility of having a defibrillator in the building was brought up again. RuthAnn will research how they can be secured in public places.

6. Navo asked about the possibility of getting a ping pong table, possibly in the large room adjacent to the laundry room, or again, the woman's change room.

7. Eric volunteered to research the bylaws about large, or noisy dogs.

8. Bill presented an example of official letterhead, and the group agreed to buy a lock for an empty mailbox. Roosevelt has spoken to the mailman, and will arrange to buy the lock.

9. Further discussion about the hydro. Arnold will gather information, and find out if the meters can be viewed by tenants.

10. Roosevelt asked if a Valentine social could be arranged. After discussing various options, it was decided to have another sing song, with Henry on keyboards, and light snacks. It is to be held February 13th. Cash donations from committee members will cover the cost of food and beverages, to be arranged by Elizabeth. Navo will look after the promotion of the event, and RuthAnn volunteered to help Henry with moving his equipment, and setting up.

11. Roosevelt suggested we invite Randy Daiter, VP of MANDR, Rafael, superintendents of both 35 and 45, to introduce ourselves, and promote our agenda.

RuthAnn Doyle, 2017/01/18
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