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Meeting Notes - 2018

Update 2018-11-18
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Committee meetings are normally held at 7:30 PM the last Tuesday of each month in the Social Room, B Level, west end.
The next committee meeting is postponed to 11 December 2018.

30 October 2018
25 September 2018
31 July 2018
6 June 2018
1 May 2018
27 March 2018
27 February 2018
29 January 2018
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30 October 2018
The October committee meeting of the Wynford Tower Residents Association was held at 7:30 PM Tuesday 30 October 2018 in the Social Room.

Present: Arnold Garson, acting chair, Elizabeth Cameron, Cecile Fitzgerald, Henry Furman, Aubrey Harmes, Brenda Harrison, Margaret Lynn, William Lynn, Anna Peschmann, Dieter Peschmann, Carole Smith.

Chairman’s remarks
Arnold told us that Roosevelt is currently awaiting results of a biopsy and has withdrawn from Resident Association activities for the time being, so Arnold is taking on the role of Chair.

Agenda items

1. Minutes of last meeting
Dieter remarked that the minutes painted an untrue picture of the product line he represents. Bill acknowledged that the comment about the product being Sci-Fi could be mis-interpreted and will delete that comment.
The minutes were otherwise approved as written.

2. Rent Increases: One person who has received a recent notice of rent increase 3 months hence was given a choice of paying the guideline 1.8%, or 2.8% as a sort of down payment for future increases, which will undoubtedly be approved after the garage repairs have been completed. Another person’s rent increase was simply the guideline 1.8%.
As mentioned in the minutes of the last meeting, a landlord can request a rent increase of up to 3% above guideline (currently 1.8%) for three years following a major capital expenditure.
Reference: Above Guideline Rent Increases.

3. Wheel Trans: Some residents had complained that they missed Wheel Trans pickups because Wheel Trans did not know where to pick them up. The problem is resolved with the front entry being re-opened, although it occasionally closes for a day at a time for construction. Residents on the email list have been asked to tell people picking them up where to meet them (the back door is the only accessible entry when the front entry is closed). Bill also posts a MAIN ENTRY sign on the fence by the street when the front entry is open. The sign is taken down each day that the front entry closes.

4. Phase 2 garage repairs. Bill will post the M&R Phase 2 garage repair update issued 11 Sep 2018 on the website. See Garage Repairs Phase 2.
Some residents have experienced water flowing into the garage in the section which is supposed to have been repaired. Arnold will try to obtain more details about the future garage repair schedule.

5. Government Financial Assistance: The report of government financial assistance available to Tenant Associations turned out to be a mis-understanding. No further action required.

6. Coordinator Reports:

Kaffee Klatsch: Cecile reported that 12-14 people regularly attend the Kaffee Klatsch from 10 AM to 12 Noon Fridays. Twelve people drove to Port Hope on Sunday 21 October for shopping, lunch and a play at 2 PM. This excursion, a team effort initiated by Carole Weiner, was very enjoyable. Cecile will send Bill a writeup about the excursion to be posted on the website. Other excursions are being discussed for the future. Cecile is enthused about the team approach which seems to be working well.
In response to a question from Henry about funding for coffee, etc., Cecile said that a cup is located near the coffee urn to receive money donations, and attendees often bring cookies or baked goods to the meetings.

Games: Henry reported that the only game for which he has heard any interest is Mahjong, for which several people have expressed an interest but have not yet organized game sessions.

Book Club: Marg reported that there are currently eight book club members. The October meeting was cancelled because many members had been unable to obtain the book “A Gentleman in Moscow”. It is hoped that a list of books for the coming year can be established at the November meeting, preferably books available from Toronto library.

Movies: Aubrey reported that movie attendance has fallen off (last Sunday started with two attendees, which grew to six as the movie progressed) since we are not allowed to post ads anywhere except in the laundry room and the lobby lounge. He will attempt to get permission to post additional ads.

Exercises: Bill reported that exercises take place from 1 to 3 PM Mondays, Thursdays and Fridays. There are eight exercise DVD’s in the shelf beside the TV. Three are Moving with Mike, seated or standing stretching and strength exercises. All three are thirty minutes long and have minor differences in the exercises. There are two DVD’s by Jane Adams. One is for stretching and strength, with additional Tai-Chi sections (not Taoist Tai-Chi). The other is Yoga, but without floor mats and otherwise quite similar to the first. There are also two DVD’s of aerobic style exercises which have not been popular with those attending.
Typically two or three people attend each session. With the space required to swing arms about, etc., the Social Room could not accommodate too many more exercisers in each session.

Tai-Chi: Roosevelt is taking time off from leading Tai-Chi, but a number of interested people continue to meet, using Tai-Chi tapes for instruction.

Current Affairs: Annie is hoping to get a Current Affairs group off the ground after Christmas.

Other Business
There was concern that the Residents Association is not well known within the building, especially among new tenants. Arnold will discuss with management the possibility of including information about the Association in the New Tenants package.

Some residents have experienced problems with their fob not working on doors other than the front door. The lock on the rear door was recently changed and the electric lock did not respond to the fob for some days, but it seems to be working now. The electric door opener on the east entry has not worked for several months. The laundry fob does not work for some residents.

To Do
Bill to revise minutes of last meeting regarding Dieter introduction. (Done on-line)
Arnold to discuss with management:
    Garage repair schedule
    Rent increase plans
    information about the Association in New Tenant package.
Cecile to send Bill a writeup about the Port Hope excursion for posting on the website.

The next meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, 27 November 2018

The meeting adjourned at 8:50PM.

William Lynn
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25 September 2018
The September committee meeting of the Wynford Tower Residents Association was held at 7:30 PM Tuesday 25 September 2018 in the Social Room.

Present: Roosevelt Robinson, chair, Cecile Fitzgerald, Henry Furman, Arnold Garson, Margaret Lynn, William Lynn, Lily Nolan, Anna Peschmann, Dieter Peschmann.
Regrets: Brian George.

Chairman’s remarks

1. Roosevelt presented new committee member Dieter Peschmann and asked his wife Anna to introduce him. The gist of the introduction was that Dieter, although nominally retired, is the Canadian distributor of magnetic therapy products produced in Germany. To learn more about this therapeutic technology, visit the website at Where Does It Hurt.ca. (Opens in new window.)

2. Roosevelt noted that residents who have received their 90 day notice of new rent have been asked to pay voluntarily, in addition to the government mandated 1.8% for 2019, 1% extra to cover expected Above Guideline rent increases to be applied for by M&R.

This could act as a cushion for future rent increases which may apply after the garage repair has been completed and a rent increase approved. This could be several years away, but can be up to 3%/year above the Guideline for three years. For example, if the guideline remains at 1.8%, the landlord could apply to increase rent by 4.8%/yr. for three years. This would come to a total of 15% over three years. If an Above Guideline rent increase is not approved (unlikely), presumably the 1% voluntary extra payment will be refunded.
Reference: AboveGuidelineRentIncrease.

3. Roosevelt informed members that multiple residents have expressed to him their concerns about what is perceived as deteriorating behavioral standards at the Tower and requested that the Committee look into the matter.

One person mentioned that residents going to and from the pool in bathrobe is inappropriate. Others felt that it is completely appropriate.

Lily told us that all of the outdoor furniture of a ground floor resident was stolen from the balcony, on which the railing has not yet been re-installed after removal during garage repairs. The thieves were recognized on surveillance video, but the tenant was asked not to call the police. To date the furniture has not been returned and, as far as is known, the thieves have not been apprehended.

It was mentioned that some residents are rent-subsidized. Some present felt that that coud be problematic, others that it is socially responsible.

Arnold felt that it would be difficult to come up with concrete evidence of misbehaviour for discussion with M&R. Henry said that we should have our expectations for solutions in mind before meeting with M&R.

The Committee agreed that the sub-committee will meet to explore this issue and report back to the full committee.

Coordinator Reports: Postponed until the next meeting.

Visit by Marcheleo’s Marketing Manager

Lisa (pronounced Leessa) Kelleher, Marketing Manager for Marcheleo’s Marketplace visited us at about 8:15 PM, some sweets in hand, to gather our comments about the new Marcheleo’s across the street. All present were laudatory about the friendly and helpful staff. There were some suggestions about specific products that are not currently available. In response to a question, Lisa said the name of the store is pronounced Marchelayo’s (emphasis on the ay).
They are thinking about opening at 7 AM to provide coffee and breakfast goodies while Tim Horton’s undergoes renovation during the month of October.

Lisa’s 5 minute visit stretched to a very friendly half hour.

The next meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, 30 October 2018.

The meeting adjourned at 9 PM.

William Lynn
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31 July 2018
The July 2018 meeting of the Wynford Tower Residents Committee was held at 7:30 PM Tuesday 31 July 2018 in the Social Room.
Present: Roosevelt Robinson, Arnold Garson, Henry Furman, Brenda Harrison, Aubrey Harmes, Bill Lynn, Cecile Fitzgerald, Elizabeth Cameron, Marg Lynn
Regrets: Brian George, Siobhan Mulrooney, Emma Selmeci, Linda Vir.

1. Roosevelt thanked the coordinators for their commitment to the residents’ social activities. He feels that these efforts make a difference in the lives of residents.

2. Access to the Social Room is still an on-going concern. Marta has been very cooperative in opening it when she is here, but when staff members are not available to open it residents cannot use the room (e.g. Bridge in laundry room).

3. Coordinator reports
3.1 Book Club. Marg said the first meeting was held 21 July with seven residents present. Those present mentioned books that they would like to discuss, covering a number of different genres. It was agreed to hold meetings the third Tuesday of each month, but the next meeting will be 28 August. The book “Without Reservations” will be discussed, plus some short stories.
3.2. Bridge. Linda was not present, but Bill reported that residents had met once for bridge when they had to play in the laundry room because there was no one available to open the Social Room. It was decided to forego further sessions until the fall.
3.3. Meet & Greet Coffee Time. Cecile said that meetings have been held Friday mornings from 10 until noon. One outing was held with ten residents in attendance to see the movie of André Rieu’s 2018 Maastricht concert, “Amore, my tribute to love”, which all enjoyed immensely. A number of possible future outings have been discussed, such as the Aga Khan museum and the ROM IMAX, or excursions farther afield such as the Shaw or Stratford Festival. Some residents have also expressed an interest in a walking group.
3.4. Crochet & Knitting. In Mari’s absence Bill reported that she has not yet had any takers for this group.
3.5. Current Events. Annie is hoping to get a group off the ground in the near future, or perhaps in the fall. She still attends sessions of the group in her previous building.
3.6. Exercises. Bill stated that there are four 2-hour exercise sessions per week, from 1-3 PM Monday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday. Only a few people have participated so far, but when there were three exercisers on Monday it was noted there would not be not room for many more. It was suggested that it would be preferable to have exercises in the morning, but all mornings already have Tai-Chi or Meet & Greet scheduled.
3.7. Games. Henry reported that several people have mentioned Mah-Jong, but it has not yet been possible to get anything organized. Arnold said he has had no bites. It was mentioned that many people have other activities to occupy them in summer-time.
3.8. Social Evenings. Roosevelt found that regularly scheduled social evenings had not been very popular, and suggested that special occasions such as Valentine’s Day may be preferable.
3.9. Tai-Chi. Roosevelt said that he is enjoying giving the Tai-Chi classes with some 8-10 participants Mondays and Thursdays, fewer for the Tuesday and Wednesday practice sessions.

4. Recent Building Improvements. Roosevelt mentioned a number of building improvements that have been undertaken recently, in addition to the major garage renovation, including replacement of hallway lighting fixtures and the SB hallway flooring, painting of elevator lobbies, basement walls, stairs and lockers. Lawn furniture has not yet been replaced, but the garage renovation makes it difficult to get access to the lawn.

5. Other Business. Elizabeth suggested that it would be useful to post obituaries, as was done in the case of Vera Kardos. Bill noted that this is has been done when we were aware of deaths in the building.
There was discussion of a possible buddy system, which had been considered at past meetings but dropped due to implementation difficulties. Annie mentioned a new-government funded OASIS system presently being put in place.

The meeting adjourned at 8:55 PM.
William Lynn
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6 June 2018
The May 2018 meeting of the Wynford Tower Residents Committee was held at 7:30 PM Tuesday 6 June 2018 in the Social Room.
Present: Roosevelt Robinson, Arnold Garson, Henry Furman, Brenda Harrison, Aubrey Harmes, Siobhan Mulrooney, Emma Selmeci, Bill Lynn, Cecile Fitzgerald, Elizabeth Cameron, Lily Nolan, Gladys Spiller, Linda Vir, Carole Smith, Marg Lynn, Sylvia.
Regrets: Brian George.


Roosevelt presented Lily Nolan, who will be joining the committee when the sailing season ends, residents Gladys Spiller, Carole Smith and Marg Lynn, and Sylvia, Henry’s friend.

Social Room Opening Event: The main purpose of the meeting was to discuss the Social Room opening event to be held from 7 to 10 PM Saturday 9 June 2018.

Roosevelt said that the purpose of the event is to meet residents and introduce them to their social room. He suggests tables in the corners of the room set with table cloths and lanterns for illumination. He will provide background music, for example Nat King Cole.

Arnold agreed to purchase refreshments, assuming 40 people, to include biscuits (Aubrey to provide), baked goods by Elizabeth, tea, decaf coffee, bottled water, milk, sugar, stirrers, paper plates and cups.

Cecile, Henry and Lily will do the setup starting at 6 PM.

In response to a question re access to the room, Roosevelt told us that the duty Superintendent deadbolt locks the room at 10 PM and unlocks the deadbolt in the morning. Marta, the concierge, unlocks the door handle lock when she arrives about 9 AM and leaves the room accessible by putting the deadbolt in the locked position with the door ajar. When Marta is not on duty (Sundays, evenings, etc.), the duty suprintendent makes the room accessible.

Note: We agree with Jun’s concern that leaving the door ajar on the deadbolt encourages unauthorized people to enter the room. There seems to be no alternative until the door handle is fitted with a key lock the same as those on the fitness room and locker room doors.

It was agreed that the schedule distributed to residents is flexible. If residents wish to use the room, for example to play board games, they can do so without the coordinator having to be present, provided that it will not interfere with a scheduled activity.

A stack of forms absolving management of responsibility in case of injury is in a box on the TV stand. All residents using the room will have to sign a form the first time they use the room.

Lily raised a concern about possible theft of the TV, DVD player, etc. She will investigate means to make theft difficult.

Roosevelt asked all coordinators to make a small presentation during the opening to describe how their activities will work.

Coordinators who wish to serve refreshments as part of their activity, for example tea during the Tai-Chi break, will organize the refreshments for their group.

Lily agreed to coordinate groups of people who wish to participate in the various activities.

Lily will provide name tags and pens for people to complete and wear during the opening event.

The first scheduled activities after the opening will be on Sunday, 10 June, with Coffee/Tea hour at 10 AM and 3 PM, Games all day and a movie in the evening.

It is expected that movies will generally be borrowed from Toronto Public Library, so current, first-run movies will not be available. It is possible to put DVD’s on Hold at the library, but they have to be picked up within 7 days when they become available and all movies must be returned within one week after pickup, so long-term scheduling will not be possible. Bill will provide publicity, within M&R constraints, when advised of the movies to be shown.

Other business: Elizabeth mentioned a permit posted on the front door allowing for removal of nine Manitoba (corrected 2018/06/09 from Norway) maples from the front yard, and asked why this is necessary. The Planning Committee (formerly Liaison Sub-Committee) will investigate.

The meeting adjourned at 8:50 PM.

William Lynn
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1 May 2018
The April 2018 meeting of the Wynford Tower Residents Committee was held at 7:30 PM Tuesday 1 May 2018 in the Social Room.

Present: Roosevelt Robinson, Arnold Garson, Henry Furman, Brenda Harrison, Aubrey Harmes, Siobhan Mulrooney, Emma Selmeci, Bill Lynn, Cecile Fitzgerald, Elizabeth Cameron.

Regrets: Brian George.


Roosevelt introduced new member Cecile Fitzgerald, who moved to Wynford Tower in December 2017. When she was negotiating with the rental office she was assured that activities such as yoga are available to residents, so she was dismayed when she discovered after moving in that there are no activities for residents at Wynford Tower. She therefore hopes that the current efforts of the Residents Association to establish activities for residents will succeed.

The committee discussed the proposed social activities schedule for submission to Rafael. Chess is now included with Games since the person who suggested it is no longer available. Committee members volunteered to coordinate the proposed activities, as detailed at the bottom of the proposed schedule.

Aubrey and Brenda suggested that the Residents Association support day trips for residents to destinations such as Stratford, Shaw, Niagara Falls, etc. Aubrey has experience in organizing such activities. It was agreed that this would be of interest to residents and should be supported.

Roosevelt will submit the proposed Social Activities schedule to Rafael for approval.

The meeting adjourned at 8:40 PM.

William Lynn
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27 March 2018
The March 2018 meeting of the Wynford Tower Residents Committee was held at 7:30 PM Tuesday 27 March 2018 in Apt 1003, because the Social Room was in use by others.

Present: Roosevelt Robinson, Arnold Garson, Henry Furman, Brenda Harrison, Aubrey Harmes, Siobhan Mulrooney, Emma Selmeci, Bill Lynn.
Regrets: Brian George.
Guest: Gladys Spiller, president of the former Tenants’ Association.

Roosevelt introduced Gladys, who gave an account of her activities as Social Convener per request of Property Manager Rafael Tablada.

Gladys: When Rafael Tablada became Property Manager in 2009, Gladys was finalizing the closure of the Tenants Association, because the rental issues that it had been formed to address had been successfully resolved. Rafael asked Gladys if she would be willing to resurrect the Association in order to provide an organization to arrange social functions for residents. Gladys declined, but she agreed to take steps to get social groups up and running.

During the next few months, Gladys acted as a one person social convener, with no personnel or financial assistance. She talked with Rafael by phone or in person to obtain his approval for the proposed activities. Discussions occurred whenever she encountered Rafael, which was usually during his weekly visit to Wynford Tower.

M&R specified that no one could be paid to lead an activity (for Tai-Chi, each participant gave $2 per person per lesson as a donation to the Tai-Chi organization). For activities outside the building, tt was necessary to sign an agreement that M&R was not responsible.

To gain access to the Card Room for events, it was necessary to get the Superintendent to open the room, which was often problematic because the superintendent was otherwise occupied.

To get social activities going, Gladys distributed surveys to every apartment and coordinated the setting up of the various activities, which were then led by volunteers and included:
    Tai-Chi, led by instructor Connie, with $2 per person per session as donation to Tai-Chi organization. Discontinued.
    Dining club, which still takes place in members’ apartments.
    Line dancing, led by Gladys. Participants failed to attend regularly so did not progress together. Discontinued.
    Walking groups, different levels of activity. Active only in summer, no longer active.
    Social times, with handiwork, knitting, etc. organized and led by volunteers. No longer active
    Buddy System, phone buddy each morning. Gladys coordinated, much work, now less popular, with many residents wearing alert buttons.
Systemic Steps to Creating a Dynamic Social Programme at Wynford Tower.
Possible activities include:
    Social Groups, with activities such as Backgammon, Scrabble, Monopoly, Cribbage, Chess, etc.
    Physical activities: Line dancing, Tai-Chi, etc.
    Social evening with soft music, conversation groups, etc.
Bill will draft a survey to assess resident interest, for delivery to all apartments. Replies will be tabulated, coordinators assigned, and a schedule drawn up.
Concern was raised about access to the Social Room. Roosevelt will discuss key or fob access with Rafael. If not approved, a Reservation system may be suggested, see Proposed Social Room Reservation Form

One Way Correspondence Emails have been submitted to Rafael, with no response to date, regarding Canada Post Parcel Locker, Social Room Opening Event, Backyard Cleanup.

The meeting adjourned at 9:30 PM.
William Lynn
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27 February 2018
The February 2018 meeting of the Wynford Tower Residents Committee was held at 7:30 PM Tuesday 27 February 2018 in the Social Room across from the card room, in order for the committee members to see the not-yet-complete Social Room.

Present: Roosevelt Robinson, Arnold Garson, Elizabeth Cameron, Henry Furman, Brenda Harrison, Aubrey Harmes, Siobhan Mulrooney, Emma Selmeci, Bill Lynn.
Regrets: Brian George.


New Member: Roosevelt introduced Brenda Harrison, who moved to #35 from #45 in September 2017.

Guests: Roosevelt advised that Cecile Fitzgerald, who had agreed to attend the meeting as a “conscientious observer” was unable to attend, and Gladys Spiller, who had agreed to attend to offer her background experience as the president of the former Tenants’ Association, was also unable to attend because of illness.

Social Room Impressions: Roosevelt asked the committee members to offer their general impression of the new room. The consensus was that the main room, although about the same area as the Card Room, has a more welcoming feel to it because of its squarer shape. The separate kitchen will be a definite advantage.

Social Room Opening Date: The opening date of the new room has not yet been announced. It was suggested that a Grand Opening event be organized, perhaps with M&R as their introduction to the newly renovated room. Roosevelt will discuss this idea with Rafael.

Social Room Access: This evening, Roosevelt had arranged with the #35 supervisors to use the room, but it was their day off, so who would unlock it? The concierge did not know, but finally the #45 superintendent came to unlock the room. This situation, which has occurred on previous occasions, is a highly inconvenient arrangement for both residents and superintendents. It was agreed that the logical access means would be by fob, the same as for the laundry room. Roosevelt will discuss with Rafael.
Concerns were also expressed about the possibility of a deposit being demanded of Social Room users. It was noted, however, that Rafael made it clear at the meeting 19 September 2017 that a deposit will be required only for private social events.

Suggested Activities: Roosevelt asked the members to suggest activities that could be held by residents in the Social room. Suggestions included knitters, cards, crafts, tai-chi, book club, sing-along, movies, etc. There was discussion as to how residents could be invited to organize such events, with no definitive conclusion reached, although a Grand Opening event might offer an opportunity.

Saturday Social Evenings: Roosevelt suggested that the room could be used as a place for residents to gather and socialize, say from 8 to 10 PM Saturdays, with easy-listening music, the opportunity to dance if desired, perhaps presentations by residents, etc. The members agreed that it would be a good idea to provide such a milieu for residents, many of whom are otherwise alone in their apartment.

The next monthly Committee meeting will be held 27 March 2018 in the Social Room.

The meeting adjourned at 9:20 PM

William Lynn
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29 January 2018
The January 2018 meeting of the Wynford Tower Residents Committee was held at 7:30 PM Tuesday 30 January 2018 in Apartment 1003, because equipment from the Party Room is now stored in the Card Room.

Present: Roosevelt Robinson, Arnold Garson, Aubrey Harmes, Henry Furman, Siobhan Mulrooney, Emma Selmeci, Bill Lynn.
Regrets: Elizabeth Cameron and Brian George.

Roosevelt welcomed Emma Selmeci to the Committee. Emma has lived at Wynford Tower for 19 years and was active as the Tai Chi organiser, so she brings a welcome historical perspective to the Committee. She said that she does not use email, but prefers the telephone.

Roosevelt was enthusiastic about the response of Wynford Tower residents in helping to organize the 26 January departure reception for concierge Eddie Oliveira. The reception was planned very quickly after a couple of Wynford Tower residents at the Wednesday 24 January retirement reception for George and Eileen Power at #45 suggested that a reception should be held for Eddie on Friday. Rafael said that Eddie was a contract worker so M&R could not hold a party for him, but refreshments left over from the retirement reception could be used.
Notices were distributed to all apartments and residents pitched in to buy cheese, crackers, napkins, etc. and a card to be signed by residents at the reception. Residents also helped to cut the cheese and set up the refreshment table, to which management also contributed two pizzas. Friday afternoon, the lobby and lounge were filled with well wishers, so all went well despite the late decision.
Many thanks to all who took part in arranging this very enjoyable event on such short notice.

Our new concierge is Marta, originally from Colombia. Bill will interview her for a “welcome” article.

Roosevelt advised that Rafael told him the Party Room renovation is nearing completion. There was discussion as to how residents will access the new Common room. Emma told us that when she ran the Tai Chi programme the Card Room was unlocked by the Superintendents prior to each class.
It was concluded that the same procedure will probably apply for the new room.

Arnold told us that his Rogers remote works for the TV in the gym, but the TV usually seems to start up on a white noise channel.

Bill advised that there has been no response as yet to our suggestion to Rafael that a Canada Post Parcel Locker be installed in our lobby. He also advised that parcel lockers are installed in the H&R apartment buildings at #55 and #65.

The next monthly Committee meeting will be held 27 February 2018, location to be determined.

The meeting adjourned at 8:40 PM

William Lynn
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