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Meeting Notes - 2019

Update 2019-12-02
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Committee meetings are normally held at 7:30 PM the last Tuesday of each month in the Social Room, B Level, west end.
The next committee meeting will be Tuesday 28 January 2020.

26 November 2019
29 October 2019
30 July 2019
25 June 2019
28 May 2019
26 February 2019
8 January 2019
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26 November 2019
The November 2019 meeting of the Wynford Tower Residents Committee was held in the Social Room at 7:30 PM Tuesday, 26 November 2019.

Present: Roosevelt Robinson (Chair); Cecile Fitzgerald, Henry Furman, Arnold Garson, Aubrey Harmes, Brenda Harrison, Glen Heffron, Bill Lynn, Siobhan Mulrooney, Anna Peschmann, Emma Selmeci, Carole Smith, Mary Warford, Lorne Warford.

1. Chair: Roose welcomed Glen, Mary and Lorne as new members of the Committee. He explained that all members are equal and have equal voice, but he requests that we stay on topic in discussions, which follow a standard agenda. Bill writes up notes on the meetings and distributes them to the committee for comment and correction before posting them on the website.

2. Deputy Chair: Roose’s grandchildren were visiting him, so he turned the meeting over to Arnold, who said the first business was the electric door actuator survey. Bill has received forms from 29 apartments and 39 tenants. Arnold and Henry gave him a number of replies received at their doors, and Emma noted that there were more in the suggestion box. Henry noted that his research finds that electric door actuators are not mandatory in existing buildings. They typically cost about $2000 each to install, plus maintenance. It was noted that all pedestrian garage doors are already fitted with electric actuators except those on the B Level south garage. It was suggested that Bill post a survey form in the laundry room.

Update 2019/11/27: Replies have now been received from 44 apartments and 60 tenants. A reminder has been posted in the laundry room, the laundry lounge and the lobby lounge. Extra survey forms are available on the suggestion box in the laundry lounge.

3. Publicist: Bill has delivered “Welcome New Resident” documents to nine recently occupied apartments, using information given by Christine to Arnold every month since August 2019.

4. Activities

Book Club: Carole and Annie reported that the next Book Club meeting will be Tuesday 3 December when the book “The Water Dancer” will be discussed and those present will discuss suggested books for the following meeting.

Walking: The walkers walk every morning at 9:30, leaving from the back door.

Kaffee Klatsch: The Friday AM Kaffee Klatsch continues to enjoy good attendance. Attendees contribute to the purchase of coffee. No outside outings are currently planned.

Movies: Aubrey reported that about ten residents typically view the Monday night movies. He will ask those present next Monday if they would like to revert to Sunday night movies, per the original schedule.

5. AOB: Emma asked how long it takes for repairs needed in the recent apartment inspections to be done. Arnold said his were done very quickly. The inspections, however, are still on-going, so further repairs will probably take some time.

Next meeting 28 January 2020.

The meeting adjourned at 8:35 PM.

William Lynn, 1807
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29 October 2019; Revised 2019/11/12
The October 2019 meeting of the Wynford Tower Residents Committee was held in the Social Room at 7:00 PM Tuesday, 29 October 2019.

Present: Roosevelt Robinson (Chair); Elizabeth Cameron, Cecile Fitzgerald, Henry Furman, Arnold Garson, Aubrey Harmes, Brenda Harrison, Bill Lynn, Siobhan Mulrooney, Anna Peschmann, Dieter Peschmann, Emma Selmeci, Carole Smith, Linda Vir.

1. Chair: Roose noted that the Association is now entering its fourth year, and thanked everyone for their cooperation and participation in making it successful. He noted that the Association initially concerned itself with common areas of the building, culminating in a submission to M&R in September 2017. From that submission a number of building improvements have been implemented. The priority now is social activities to benefit residents.
He mentioned that our new superintendents, Christine and Cory, are a breath of fresh air who respond rapidly to resident requests while respecting M&R policies.

2. Deputy Chair: Roose departed at 7:30, leaving Arnold to discuss future plans with the group.

It was noted that the demographics of the building are changing toward younger families, many with children. There were no suggestions for activities that might interest them. A day care facility would be outside our scope and would not be permissible to M&R in any case.

A proposed current affairs activity has not developed. It would require a dedicated leader.

It was agreed that, for the benefit of all residents and especially those who use canes, walkers or wheelchairs, M&R be asked to install electric door actuators on the following doors: (revised 2019/11/12 per Elizabeth Cameron suggestion).
    B Level south garage (3 doors) (Actuators were removed from 2 doors when garage renovations were completed).
    B Level Laundry door
    B Level door to the laundry hallway
    Main Level Doors to the waste disposal area (2 sets).
    Main Level Hallway doors leading to the east exit (2)

There was some discussion of future Above Guideline Increases in rent, but rent negotiations fall outside the current mandate of the Association.

3. Publicist: “Welcome New Resident” documents are delivered to newly occupied apartments, using information given by Christine to Arnold every month.

A new website page is up, called ReUseIt Mart, for residents wishing to dispose of reusable articles. Notices currently posted on the laundry notice board can also be posted on the website if desired. As far as is known, no nibbles have yet been received for articles currently posted.

At 8 PM all present repaired to Roosevelt’s apartment to celebrate the start of the fourth year of the Association.

Next meeting 26 November 2019

The meeting adjourned at 8 PM.

William Lynn, 1807
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30 July 2019
The July 2019 meeting of the Wynford Tower Residents Committee was held in the Social Room at 7:30 PM Tuesday, 30 July 2019.

Present: Roosevelt Robinson (Chair), Arnold Garson, Aubrey Harmes, Brenda Harrison, Bill Lynn, Anna Peschmann, Dieter Peschmann, Christine Racine, Linda Vir, Irfan

1. Chair:
Roose presented resident Irfan N, who told us that he has lived in Wynford Tower with his parents for some ten years. He works in IT on rotating shifts, so he is often not available to participate in activities, but was interested to see what the committee does.

Roose commented that the Committee does not follow formal meeting rules with minutes, etc. Bill takes notes which he distributes for review and correction before posting them on the website for the information of anyone who wishes to read them.
He said that the agenda will normally follow that of this evening’s meeting, so future notices of regular monthly meeting will not include an agenda.

He also mentioned that he is very impressed with Christine and Cory, our new superintendents, for the way they keep the building common areas spotless, their prompt and responsive communication, the way they have Marta and Samuel organised to perform their roles more effectively, etc.

2. Deputy Chair: Arnold summarized a meeting with Christine held this afternoon:
  • New Resident Welcome: Christine offered to give us a list each month of the apartment numbers that have been newly occupied, so the Residents Association can put a Welcome Notice in those doors.
  • Better Living Seniors’ Services Information Meeting: Christine advised that we will be unlikely to receive permission to use the lobby for an information session as described in Carolyn Smith’s email 22 March 2019. Christine would prefer that such a session not be held with the #45 residents. Still awaiting response from Rafael before replying to Carolyn Smith.
  • Sidewalk Wheelchair Ramp: With the patio blocks now in place, access to the ramp is more straightforward, so the steep ramp that residents had complained about should no longer be a concern.
  • Window Cleaning: Will be done after garage renovation is complete, so no more dust to dirty windows.
  • Canada Post Parcel Locker: expected installation date not discussed.
  • Comments from Christine 2019/08/02: Canada Post parcel box, we do not have a date as this is coming from Canada Post and I was informed by end of summer. Although this is taking longer than expected, we are at least heading in the right direction.
    Window cleaning has been scheduled for September, this is later then what should be on a yearly basis, however it was important to wait until the construction was complete.
3. Publicist:
Bill wondered if a new page on the website called, for example, ReUseIt Mart, would be a useful tool for residents wishing to dispose of reusable articles. This would be similar to the notices currently posted on the laundry notice board. There was some concern about the M&R perception of a commercial enterprise being undertaken in the building. Suggestion tabled.

4. Analyst: Henry was not present.

5. Coordinators

Kaffee Klatsch: Cecile was enthusiastic about the awesome folks who participate in the Friday morning coffee session as well as other activities such as movies, ethnic restaurants, bus day trips, etc.

Book Club: Annie reported that the next meeting will be 24 September.
The book selected for that date is “Educated”, a memoir by Tara Westover (per Cecile 31 July 2019).

Exercises: Bill reported that his three stalwart exercisers continue to meet at 1 PM Mondays, Thursdays and Fridays.

Games: Arnold reported that there has been little action on the Games front.

Movie Night: Aubrey and Brenda suggested that movies not be shown during August. The committee agreed.

Rhythmic Movement: Linda reported that there has been little interest in her project, which is discontinued for the summer months, but she is organizing a walking activity for the summer.
Linda advised that 3 people walked July 31, they will be walking at 9:30 AM Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays, meeting at the back door.

Tai-Chi: Roosevelt is participating in the Don Mills Tai-Chi Club classes several times per week. He will probably not be able to resume Tai-Chi instruction here in September. The classes will take place in future at #55 Barber Green Road, about a 7 minute drive from Wynford Tower. He would like Bill to take some publicity photos there when it has moved.

6. AOB
Roose wondered if we could take a census of the building to determine how many seniors, disabled persons, etc. we should be catering to. The committee felt that this would be problematic with today’s privacy concerns. Idea tabled.

As a Friend of the Aga Khan museum, Roose would like to write a letter to the museum suggesting a once / month Big Band dance activity for the whole community. The committee endorsed his suggestion.

Next meeting 24 September 2019 (no meeting in August).

The meeting adjourned at 8:55 PM.

William Lynn, 1807
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25 June 2019
The June 2019 meeting of the Wynford Tower Residents Committee was held in the back yard at 7:30 PM Tuesday, 25 June 2019.

Present: Roosevelt Robinson (Chair); Elizabeth Cameron, Arnold Garson, Henry Furman, Aubrey Harmes, Brenda Harrison, Bill Lynn, Anna Peschmann, Dieter Peschmann, Christine Racine, Cory Scott, Emma Selmeci, Carole Smith, Linda Vir.

1. Chair: Roose reviewed previous actions of the Committee to improve the conditions in the backyard, most of which were undone because of non-compliance with M&R requirements. Roose then presented a proposal for the backyard Roosevelt Backyard Proposal.

2. Superintendents: Christine (Cory arrived later) said that she and Cory cannot dwell on the past, but wish to move forward on their initiatives in collaboration with Rafael and M&R. Consideration of the backyard proposal will be part of this agenda. A summary of her comments and replies to questions from those present follows.
    The truck in the front driveway will be removed shortly, after which landscaping of the front yard will begin.
    Cory cleans exterior areas daily.
    Three cracked windows in the swimming pool have been replaced.
    The green bin lid has been replaced to ensure that the lid remains closed between deposits.
    The garbage bin is available to residents for garbage too large to go down the chutes.
    The garbage chutes have been cleaned and will be cleaned annually.
    Carpets will be cleaned twice per year.
    A disinfecting station has been placed in the gym.
    Christine and Cory are working with Samuel to schedule his duties so as to clean all building areas within his 40 hour work week. During the 4 hour Saturday duty the Saturday cleaner will do areas not completed by Samuel.
    Window cleaning will be done after the current construction project is finished, normally will be done in spring.
    Pest control checks all public areas for pests once per month. Our building has no pest problem.
    Canada Post has measured our lobby and will install two parcel lockers with six drawers each.
    Moving blankets are left in the moving elevator because there are frequent moves and manpower is not available to take them down between moves.
    Fuses and light bulbs are supposed to be changed by residents, but Cory can do it if a resident is unable. A blown fuse is considered to be an emergency only if it supplies the refrigerator.
    Toilets are supposed to be 3 litre flush. Will work on replacing all toilets, but not overnight.
    C&C would like to have wall paper and carpets in hallways replaced.
    PA announcements are not normally provided in public buildings. When a fire alarm stops sounding all is clear, i.e. no announcement should be expected.
3. Deputy chair: Arnold had nothing to report
4. Publicist: Bill had nothing to report
5. Analyst: Henry had nothing to report
6 Coordinators

Book Club: Annie reported that the June meeting has been postponed to Tuesday 9 July 2019, when the book “Eleanor Oliphant is completely fine”, by Gail Honeyman will be discussed. The book has not yet been chosen for the following meeting 24 September.

Exercises: Bill reported that his three stalwart exercisers continue to meet at 1 PM Mondays, Thursdays and Fridays.

Games: Arnold and Henry reported that there has been little action on the Games front.

Kaffee Klatsch: Emma gave Cecile’s report while Cecile was away for family concerns. The Friday morning Kaffee Klatsch continues to be interesting and engaging. Summer activities planned include a visit to Edwards Gardens in July and a Grande River cruise with lunch in August. Port Hope theatre and lunch in September. Looking for venues for cultural Haute Cuisine experiences.
Carole mentioned that there are no volunteers to brew coffee in Cecile’s absence, so participants are invited to bring their own beverage for the 28 June 2019 Kaffee Klatsch.

Movie Night: Aubrey and Brenda said there will be no movie on Canada Day, Monday, 1 July 2019.

Rhythmic Movement: Linda reported that there has been little interest in her project, which is discontinued for the summer months.

Tai-Chi: Roosevelt said that he hopes to resume Tai-Chi in the fall.

Our thanks to Elizabeth, Brenda and Roosevelt for providing refreshments to sustain us during this arduous work. Next meeting 30 July 2019.

The meeting adjourned at 8:45 PM.
William Lynn, 1807
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28 May 2019
The May 2019 meeting of the Wynford Tower Residents Committee was held in the Social Room at 7:30 PM Tuesday, 28 May, 2019.

Present: Roosevelt Robinson (Chair); Aili Aljas; Arnold Garson, Cecile Fitzgerald, Henry Furman, Aubrey Harmes, Brenda Harrison, Bill Lynn, Siobhan Mulrooney, Anna Peschmann, Dieter Peschmann, Linda Vir.

1. Chair: Roose said he was happy to be back and that he appreciated the support of residents during his illness. He then presented new tenant Aili Aljas, who joined the meeting to determine whether she is interested in becoming a member of the committee. (She advised 2019/05/29 that she does not have the time to commit to being a committee member.)
Roose noted that he finds Christine and Cory, the new superintendents, very communicative and happy to support residents however they can. The common areas, including the front walkway, waste disposal area, pool patio, etc. are kept very clean and tidy. A Canada Post parcel locker is being investigated.

2. Deputy Chair: Arnold reviewed the notes from his 9 May 2019 meeting with Christine:
1. For general resident access to the Social Room a single M&R agreement form must be signed once per year accompanied by an undated $100 cheque to be deposited against malicious damage or unclean room after use. This will allow resident access to the room for social activities.
Bill remarked that the only times he has found it necessary to mop the floors were after the rooms were used by non-residents wearing muddy boots.
2. For private use of the room, a form plus $100 deposit is required for each use.
3. The room will be opened each day by Marta (8:30-9 AM) and closed by the duty superintendent at 10 PM. The door will be kept unlocked by a door stopper (to be reviewed after three months).
4. No FOB or key will be provided for the room at this time (M&R decision).
5. Residents should use the yearly survey form to request improvements such as electric door openers and other disability issues, since the survey will get more attention than requests to management.
6. The rear door closer has been replaced, making the door easier to open.
7. Christine has requested information from Canada Post about a Parcel Locker in the lobby. For security of non-Canada Post parcels, any accepted by Marta will be stored in the office when she goes off duty.
8. Parking fees will be refunded to tenants for periods when they were displaced from their rented parking space during garage renovation.
9. All notices and memos must be reviewed by a sub-committee before being published.

3. Publicist: Bill reported that a poster advertising the Association website was posted on the laundry room bulletin board the day after the 8 January 2019 meeting at which that action was agreed upon. A proposed New Resident Welcome document, distributed to Committee members with the notice of this meeting, was approved.

4. Analyst: Henry commented that his rent renewal notice had specified a rent increase of 2.8%. Those present said that there should be an accompanying form which allows the tenant to select the 1.8% Guideline increase or the 2.8% Above Guideline increase, which takes effect from the start of the tenant year after June 2018 when the AGI is approved by the Landlord and Tenant board.

5. Coordinators:

Book Club: Annie reported that the Book Club enjoyed an animated discussion of Michelle Obama’s book, “Becoming”, at this afternoon’s meeting. Given the subject matter of the book, the discussion wandered into the political scene. The next meeting will be Tuesday 25 June 2019, for the book “Eleanor Oliphant is completely fine”, by Gail Honeyman. The book has not yet been chosen for the following meeting 24 September.

Exercises: Bill reported that his three stalwart exercisers continue to meet at 1 PM Mondays, Thursdays and Fridays.

Games: Arnold and Henry reported that there has been little action on the Games front.

Kaffee Klatsch: Cecile reported that the Friday morning Kaffee Klatsch continues to be the most popular of all the scheduled activities. They are currently searching for different ethnic eating experiences. Henry suggested the Ethnic section of the Yellow Pages (members wondered if that still exists).

Movie Night: Aubrey and Brenda wondered if residents would be interested in returning to the original Sunday evening movie night rather than Monday. The consensus seemed to be that most attendees prefer Mondays.

Rhythmic Movement: Linda reported that there has been little interest in her project, which she plans to discontinue for the summer months.

Tai-Chi: Roosevelt said that he hopes to resume Tai-Chi in the fall.

It was mentioned that the Association held quite a successful Valentine Sing-Along a couple of years ago, with Henry tinkling the ivories. Henry said he would be happy to play for such an event, if others would organize it. Cecile said she might be willing to do that but it was decided that it would be better to delay such an event until the fall.

New Business
Bill reported that several residents have complained about the steep slope of the wheelchair ramp from the sidewalk to the driveway. The photos below compare the slope of the Wynford Tower sidewalk ramp to that of the plaza across the street.

Wynford Tower Sidewalk Ramp

Wynford Heights Plaza Sidewalk Ramp
Next meeting 25 June 2019.
The meeting adjourned at 8:30 PM.
Willliam Lynn
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26 February 2019
The February 2019 meeting of the Wynford Tower Residents Committee was held in the Social Room at 7:30 PM Tuesday, 26 February 2019.

Present: Arnold Garson, Cecile Fitzgerald, Henry Furman, Aubrey Harmes, Brenda Harrison, Bill Lynn, Marg Lynn, Anna Peschmann, Dieter Peschmann, Linda Vir.

1. The Minutes of the Meeting 8 January 2019 were read and approved as read.

2. Rent: Arnold noted that his ninety day notice of rent increase effective 1 June 2019 does not reflect the 0.55% reduction in effect since 1 January 2019.

He also stated that tenants who pay only the 1.8% rent increase will owe the extra from the effective date of an Above Guideline Increase until the end of their rental year. Those who opt to pay 2.8% will be owed a refund from the start of their rental year until the effective date of an AGI approval.

He noted further that the change of ownership stated in the recent letter to tenants by Eileen Barnes and Lee Oattes was erroneous. They agree that there has been no change of ownership.

Brenda said she was told that her daughter cannot take over tenancy of their apartment if Brenda and Aubrey go elsewhere, even though her daughter is one of the current tenants of that apartment. No one present has experience with that situation.

3. Letter to Rafael 22 January 2019 re Electric Operators on Laundry and B Level Hall Doors, Elevator Door Timing, and Social Room Heating.

Arnold called Randy Daiter to ask about the items in the letter and was told that they are Rafael’s responsibility. Rafael said the elevator door timing would be adjusted the next time the elevators need service, and that he was discussing the electric door openers with management.

4. Coordinator reports:

Cecile said she ordered a large amount of coffee on line for the Kaffee Klatsch and was concerned that there is no place in the building to store delivered packages securely. She said that Marta will no longer accept parcels for residents because a parcel was stolen from her desk recently.

The Kaffee Klatsch members are planning to visit restaurants of different cultures for Friday lunch once per month. Last week was English Fish and Chips. Next month is to be Hungarian.

The book for the next Book Club meeting 5 March is "All the Light We Cannot See", by Anthony Doerr.
For the following meeting 26 March the book is "Women Talking" by Miriam Toews.
Ruth Nicholls is now the Book Club communicator.

Aubrey said there was a good turnout for the movie "Book Club" last week. Next week’s movie is to be "Bohemian Rhapsody".

Bill placed a “Loonies and Toonies for Movies” tin on the TV stand, in hopes that contributions by viewers will help to offset the costs of movies so far borne entirely by Aubrey and Brenda.

Linda said there has been no progress on a bridge group, partly because she had difficulty getting the Social Room unlocked the last time she tried.

Bill has exercises at 1 PM Monday, Thursday and Friday each week, usually with three participants.

5. To Do:

Arnold to investigate a secure locker for parcels received by the concierge.

Arnold to follow up on a Canada Post Parcel locker in the lobby, as requested to Rafael 13 December 2017 (Email included below).This locker would accept only Canada Post deliveries.

Next meeting 26 March 2019.

The meeting adjourned at 8:30 PM.

William Lynn, 1807

Email to Rafael 13 December 2017.

From: Wynford Tower Residents Association
Sent: Wednesday, December 13, 2017 9:16 AM
To: Rafael Tablada M&R Holdings
Cc: Roosevelt Robinson ; Arnold Garson ; Henry Furman ; Bill Lynn
Subject: Canada Post Parcel Locker suggested for Wynford Tower Lobby

Dear Rafael,

It is suggested that M&R take advantage of the Canada Post offer to supply, install and maintain a Parcel Locker in our lobby, at no cost to M&R. The locker allows the mail carrier to store, in a safe location, parcels for residents who are not at home when the mail arrives.

This will make it unnecessary for the concierge to hold Canada Post parcels, or for residents to travel to the Flemingdon Park post office to pick up missed parcels.

The locker also includes a mail slot that allows mail to be posted, for pickup by the mail carrier during regular mail delivery.

The locker is 67.3 inches tall, 18 inches deep and 34.25 inches wide, which will fit in the space to the left of the notice board outside the office, if the blue recycle bin is rotated ninety degrees.

The mail carrier would require fob access to the lobby, similar to the Star carrier.

Details of the offer are on the Canada Post website at Canada Post Parcel Locker.

Below is a reply from Canada Post detailing the criteria for provision of Parcel Lockers.

We hope that M&R will take advantage of this Canada Post offer, because of the convenience it will provide to residents at no cost to M&R.

Roosevelt Robinson, Arnold Garson, Henry Furman, William Lynn,
For Wynford Tower Residents.

Email from Canada Post 12 December 2017.

From: Parcel Lockers - CPC / Armoires à colis - SCP
Sent: Tuesday, December 12, 2017 9:13 AM
To: Wynford Tower Residents Association
Subject: RE: Parcel Locker - Letter carrier access to lobby.

Good morning,
In order to have a Canada Post Parcel Locker installed in your building, the building must meet the following criteria:
- Have a minimum of 60 units in the building
- Have centralized delivery (a lock box assembly of resident mail boxes)
- The delivery agent must have access (or be granted key access) to building
- There must be space in the lobby/next to mail room/ where present mailboxes are located for the parcel locker
It must be the property manager that is in contact with Canada Post, please present this information to them and have them contact Canada Post if they would like to move forward.

Joanne McGuire
Domestic Parcels & Customer Experience
Canada Post | Postes Canada
2701 Riverside Drive
Ottawa, ON K1A 0B1
T: (613) 734-3000 X55955;
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8 January 2019
The December meeting of the Wynford Tower Residents Committee was held in the Social Room at 7:30 PM Tuesday, January 8, 2019.

Present: Arnold Garson, Cecile Fitzgerald, Siobhan Mulrooney, Dieter Peschmann, Anna Peschmann, Emma Selmeci, Henry Furman, Bill Lynn, Aubrey Harmes, Brenda Harrison, Linda Vir

1. Arnold noted that he is acting for Roosevelt Robinson, who is undergoing medical treatment.

2. The Minutes of the Meeting 2018/10/30 were read.

3. The minutes of the meeting 2018/10/30 were approved.

4. Round Table Discussion

Cecile was concerned about how to advertise activities such as the Book Club. It was noted that there is a sign advertising the Book Club on the bulletin board in the laundry folding room, but it could be more visible.

Siobhan mentioned the problem of WheelTrans arriving at different doors without advising clients. The issue seems to be resolved now that the front entrance has been re-opened.

Annie suggested that there be a wheel chair and cart available in the lobby for people arriving without them who need them. She said that this was done in other rental buildings where she has lived.

Henry noted that the front patio used to be hazardous for people in wheelchairs or using walkers because of the large cracks in the patio stones. This should be resolved when the new entryway is built. He also noted that the Canada Post Parcel Locker requested in January 2018 has not yet been installed. Bill responded that a follow-up was sent some months ago to Rafael who responded that M&R are considering parcel lockers for all their buildings, so “stay tuned”.

Bill expressed concern about Social Room access and heating.
    To minimize the need to bother staff, he suggested that users leave the door ajar for the next user when finished. This leaves the room accessible to anyone, which could be overcome by changing the lock to use the same key as the locker room locks. This has been requested by email to Naida, but no response was received.

    He submitted an online work order last week requesting that the heater fans in the Social Room lounge and kitchen be repaired or replaced (the heater fan is missing from the lounge heater) and be connected to the thermostat, to provide normal heating in these rooms. No response or action to date.
Bill presented suggestions by Mari Horgan that electric door openers be installed on the laundry door and the doorway to the B level hall, and that the closing delay on elevator doors be increased to give people time to get to the door and into the elevator before the doors start to close.

Emma felt that residents should be reimbursed for the extra cost of indoor versus outdoor parking when required to park outdoors for extended periods during construction, and she also noted that new tenants seem to have priority for indoor parking spaces.
She also wondered where overnight visitors can park during the winter when that is prohibited by North York. It was mentioned that the #65 managers had arranged with the plaza owners to allow overnight parking for visitors.

Annie said that she has arranged to have her rent reduced by 0.55% in accordance with a recent letter from the City of Toronto stating that the reduction was allowed because of tax reductions.

Bill noted that residents receiving rent increase notices can opt for the guideline 1.8% increase or an above-guideline 2.8%. The form indicates that tenants who opt for the 1.8% increase may owe additional rent when an above guideline increase is approved. It does not say that those who opt for 2.8% will receive a refund for the time from the start of their tenant rental year until the above guideline increase approval date. He therefore feels that tenants should opt not to pay the 2.8% increase.

Annie commented that the food at the Christmas party was not good. Others thought it was great.

It was agreed that the top priority concerns with the best likelihood of implementation were Mari’s suggestions for electric door openers on the laundry and B level hall doors, and longer delay on closing of elevator doors.

5. Coordinator Reports.

Kaffee Klatsch on Friday mornings is quite successful, with a dozen or more participants most days.

Tai-Chi is on hold, with Roosevelt on sick leave, Pat off to the south, and Jennie also having medical problems.

Exercises are held at 1 PM Mondays, Thursdays and Fridays, using exercise DVD’s with varying degrees of difficulty depending on the wishes of the participants.

Movies are held at 7:30 Monday evenings. Fourteen residents attended the movie Mamma Mia #2 Monday, 7 January.

Linda said she has given up on organizing bridge because of difficulties in gaining access to the Social Room in the evening. She asked if the room is available mornings. Bill said the schedule has the room used for Tai-chi from 10 to 11 AM Monday through Thursday and from 10 AM to 12 Noon Fridays for Kaffee Klatsch.
Tai-Chi is not currently functioning, however, so the room is available every morning except Friday, and alternate Wednesdays when M&R have their project meeting.
It is also available every afternoon except 1 to 2:30 PM Monday, Thursday and Friday. Linda wondered if many residents had expressed an interest in Euchre (two, including Linda, per the social activities survey held in June 2018).

Update 2019/01/09: Marta says she leaves the Social Room door ajar every morning after she comes in. If it is locked, someone else has locked it, but she is happy to unlock it for residents any time she is here. Access evenings and Sundays can be problematic, however, because she is not here.

7. Suggestions
a) Include information about the residents association in new tenants welcome package.
b) Advertise the website on the laundry bulletin board. Bill to do this.

8. New Business
Bill mentioned that a former resident of #35 who moved to #45 in October 2018 has started a Tenants Facebook Group, which already has some 40 members. Posts are mainly complaints about residents not acting responsibly. He suggested to Bill that Wynford Tower do the same.
The consensus was that our website is adequate.

The next meeting will be at 7:30 PM Tuesday 29 January 2019.

The meeting adjourned at 8:50 PM.
William Lynn, 1807 416-441-2134
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