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Meeting Notes - 2020

Update 2021-01-28
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Committee meetings are normally held at 7:30 PM the last Tuesday of each month in the Social Room, B Level, west end.
Committee meetings are suspended until the pandemic is over.

24 November 2020
27 October 2020
25 August 2020
28 July 2020
25 February 2020
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24 November 2020
The November 2020 meeting of the Wynford Tower Residents Committee was held on Zoom at 7 PM Tuesday 24 November 2020.

Present: Roosevelt Robinson (Chair), Elizabeth Cameron, Cecile Fitzgerald, Henry Furman, Arnold Garson, Glen Heffron, Bill Lynn, Siobhan Mulrooney, Anna Peschmann, Emma Selmeci, Carole Smith, Lorne Warford, Mary Warford.

Chair: Roose welcomed Elizabeth back after her recent hospitalization. Elizabeth thanked everyoue for get-well cards and she commented on her hospital experience and the measures that must be undertaken to prevent COVID-19 spread.

Roose commented that COVID-19 is back in full force, hoping that lockdown measures will help to eradicate it.

Vice-Chair: Arnold noted that the pool has closed because of the lockdown, only two days after re-opening after repairs. With the fitness facilities closed, it is difficult to exercise. One approach is to carry the mail up the stairs rather than taking the elevator. Walking along the corridors to use stairways at alternate ends of the building adds exercise and reduces the need to stop for breath after a few flights of stairs.

After a Monday email from Bill about the frigid lobby, Arnold discovered that the lobby thermostat had been set to Off. When he turned it On warm air began to flow from the heaters, although not very strongly even with the fan speeds set at High. Arnold will ask Julius to re-install the electric heater that was recently removed from the lobby at Rafael direction because of a supposed fire hazard. (Wednesday AM the lobby temperature was 17C, even with the heat on.)
Also Wednesday AM the laundry lounge thermostat was set to 72F and the room was liveable. On a previous occasion the thermostat was set to minimum and the room was frigid. Presumably Julius responded to a request by some resident.

It was noted that the hallways from the SB level to the 7th floor are now frigid, whereas they were warm in all previous winters. The air in the pool was also frigid when the pool was open. Arnold to investigate.

Annie mentioned that outdoor furniture still outside should be brought in to prevent deterioration during the winter. She also suggested that Christmas decorations could be put in the big planters on the front patio.

Glen noted that the door closers on the rear doors need to be adjusted, because the doors slam closed so noisily that it awakens people in the apartments above.

Activity Reports:
Book Club on Zoom at 1 PM Wednesday 25 November.
Kaffee Klatsch on Zoom at 11 AM every Friday.
Annie noted that one way to get exercise with the fitness rooms closed is to walk outdoors. This can be boring if done alone, so a group of residents walks at 1 PM every day. This provides exercise and socialization, even with social distancing.

COVID-19 Effects
Henry reported that he has weird dreams about virus experiences. He also noted that a recent report says that cloth masks are not as effective as the multi-layer masks sold in pharmacies, etc.

Cecile said she gets a virus test before she goes for 3 week visits to family in Sturgeon Falls, where there are no cases.

Roose asked if M&R are responsible to advise residents if a COVID-19 case occurs in the building. It was agreed that they are, although identities need not be revealed.

The next meeting will be at 7 PM Tuesday 25 January 2021 (the last Tuesday in December is New Year’s Eve.)

The meeting adjourned at 8 PM

William Lynn, 1807,
Tel 416-441-2134,
email wblynn@wblynn.ca

27 October 2020
The October 2020 meeting of the Wynford Tower Residents Committee was held on Zoom at 7 PM Tuesday 27 October 2020.

Present: Roosevelt Robinson (Chair), Edith Coez, Cecile Fitzgerald, Henry Furman, Arnold Garson, Aubrey Harmes, Glen Heffron, Brenda Henderson, Bill Lynn, Anna Peschmann, Emma Selmeci, Carole Smith, Linda Vir, Lorne Warford, Mary Warford.

Chair: Roose welcomed all to our first meeting on Zoom. One advantage of Zoom is that participants can be in pyjamas if desired.
He told us that Elizabeth Cameron (1403) fell last Thursday and is now back from hospital with a cast. Lorne added that she will need further hospitalization, perhaps for kneecap replacement.

Roose noted that the pandemic second wave is hitting the whole world, so we must be vigilant in wearing masks, hand washing, social distancing, etc.

He is also concerned that residents do not treat our building like home, with masks, gloves, tissues, etc. discarded on floors and in elevators, lint in dryers, etc.

Vice Chair: Arnold noted that the pool is still closed for repair, with no knowledge of when it will be done. Annie noted that repairmen were at the pool today.

Arnold asked if anyone has had experiences with the new superintendents. One person had a toilet tank problem, which Julius repaired quickly. Another also had a toilet problem, for which Julius had to bring in Dave to repair.


Annie was curious about the front patio roof repairs that were supposed to be done in October. Some work was done, but it seems to have drawn to a halt. Roose mentioned that the repairs were supposed to include the inner ceiling.

Annie noted with regard to the recent Notice of Hearing about M&R contesting the January 2019 rent decrease due to tax decrease, that our rent was reduced by 0.55% starting January 2019. If the M&R application is approved, tenants will have to pay back the difference between 0.55% and the approved decrease.

Annie noted that a couple of new members have joined the book club, which meets the fourth Tuesday of the month in a member’s apartment. Thanks to Glen for providing books when required.

Glen noted that window cleaning is in progress.

Henry wondered if there is any chance of movies resuming. Not while pandemic restrictions remain in effect.

The next meeting will be at 7 PM Tuesday 24 November 2020.

The meeting adjourned at 7:30 PM

William Lynn, 1807

25 August 2020
The August 2020 meeting of the Wynford Tower Residents Committee was held in the back yard at 7 PM Tuesday 25 August 2020.

Present: Roosevelt Robinson (Chair), Elizabeth Cameron, Edith Coez, Cecile Fitzgerald, Henry Furman, Arnold Garson, Aubrey Harmes, Glen Heffron, Brenda Henderson, Bill Lynn, Anna Peschmann, Dieter Peschmann, Emma Selmeci, Carole Smith, Linda Vir, Lorne Warford, Mary Warford, Carole Weiner.

At 7:15 PM, while awaiting Roosevelt’s arrival, Vice-Chair Arnold opened the meeting by stating that the petition to keep Christine as our superintendent was unsuccessful. Christine has moved to #45 where she will replace the #45 administrative superintendent who will be on maternity leave for the next year. Arnold also mentioned a concern with monitoring of the swimming pool when the current monitor returns to school in September.

Roose mentioned his concerns about residents not treating our property properly, with dog deposits on the lawn where he leads tai-chi, dog urine damage on the new lawn at the east entrance, lint left in laundry dryers, etc. Mary mentioned that many face masks and gloves are now discarded on the garage floor. Someone remarked that it would be more constructive for committee members to pick up litter and deposit it in litter bins, a task that has been simplified since Christine had the litter bins re-installed at the garage pedestrian exits. Not so easy for dog deposits. Thorough hand washing on arriving home is, of course, a given.

Glen commented that some buildings have dog stations where bags, gloves, disposal bins, etc. are available. Presumably this is paid for by the condo board. Someone wondered whether a dog run could be installed in the very large area near the ravine between #35 and #45. That would involve considerable installation and maintenance expense by M&R.

Roose suggested that monthly meetings may not be possible if the Social Room is still unavailable when winter approaches. Henry suggested that Zoom meetings could be held. Glen offered to create meeting invitations if desired.

Around the circle comments:

Linda said that a resident has serious arm injuries and is having physiotherapy weekly because of the difficulty in opening common area doors without electric actuators. (The only actuator installed in response to the Committee request 20 January 2020 is on the laundry door, leaving the laundry hall door, B level garage doors, east hallway doors and rear exit doors still problematic.)

Aubrey and Brenda said that there will be no movies until the Social Room re-opens when the pandemic is over.

Cecile mentioned that an email has been sent out showing some suggested garden area improvements.

Carole Smith said that the Book Club is currently reading two books to be discussed at the next meeting 23 September: When all is Said, by Anne Griffin, and Akin by Emma Donoghue. The group is small enough to hold the meeting in an apartment if weather is problematic.

About 7:30 PM Christine arrived with Bear, her handsome and well-mannered dog. Arnold said a few words of thanks for the enormous difference she has made to the lives of Wynford Tower residents, and regret that our efforts to keep her did not work out. Christine then told us that she is living at #45 and will be their administrative superintendent while Liza Fuertez is on maternity leave. While Paul is on a two week vacation, Christine will be the only superintendent for the two buildings. She also expects to be training the new #35 superintendents when they arrive. Emma then gave Christine a pot of flowers as a small symbol of our regard for her.

Hats off to Roose and the committee members who supplied pizza and dessert, set up tables for buffet style service, and did all the work necessary to complete the evening with nourishment and long distance conversation as darkness fell about 8 PM.

William Lynn, 1807

28 July 2020
The July 2020 meeting of the Wynford Tower Residents Committee was held in the back yard at 7:00 PM Tuesday 28 July 2020.

Present: Roosevelt Robinson (Chair), Elizabeth Cameron, Edith Coez, Cecile Fitzgerald, Henry Furman, Arnold Garson, Aubrey Harmes, Glen Heffron, Brenda Henderson, Bill Lynn, Anna Peschmann, Dieter Peschmann, Siobhan Mulrooney, Emma Selmeci, Carole Smith, Linda Vir, Lorne Warford, Mary Warford, Carole Weiner.

Chair: Roose said it was good to be back together after 4 months apart, although the virus pandemic is still not over. He wondered if the COVID-19 experience would change our culture permanently, with things such as shaking hands a thing of the past.

Publicist: Roose asked Bill to comment on Christine’s departure. Bill said that Christine has been asked to resign since Cory’s departure was announced, because M&R have a policy that superintendents must be live-in couples. Other Toronto rental companies, however, often employ individuals for this role. Since Christine has demonstrated skill, determination to get projects done, and rapid, cheerful response to resident concerns, it is proposed that a petition be circulated to ask M&R to keep Christine as our Wynford Tower superintendent. He said it would be necessary to knock on doors for signatures because of the short time available. The committee members seemed to be strongly in favour, so Roose organized a knock-on-door group, consisting of most present who volunteered to take one or more floors. The list is attached.

Vice-Chair: Arnold reported that an individual has been hired to register pool users in order to ensure safety and health.

Publicist: Bill had nothing to report.

Analyst: Henry had nothing to report.

Activity Reports:

Movies: Brenda informed members that she and Aubrey are looking at new movie titles but the programme will be suspended until the official reopening of the Social Room.
Kaffee Klatsch: Glen reported that Zoom Kaffee Klatsch meetings were well attended. Sometimes some residents meet in the back yard at the same time, giving a fairly large total attendance. The free Zoom account only permits 40 minutes per meeting after the first meeting. He may be at his new trailer some Fridays in which case Bill can host a Zoom meeting.
Book Club: Annie indicated that members had not met because of Covid-19 restrictions but intend to do so in the near future in the backyard to consider two books.
Rhythmic Movement: Linda reported that there has been no activity on this scene.
Walking: Annie reported that a group of two to five or six residents walk most mornings at 9:30.
Back Yard Enhancements: Cecile reported that Edith’s son has created a schematic of the back yard that enables the committee (Cecile, Edith, Emma) to visualize the potential beauty of different ideas.

AOB: Carole Smith indicated that she is very pleased with the direction of the Association under Roosevelt's leadership.
Elizabeth: Complained about the nonsense of having an electric actuator on the laundry door but not on the hallway door that must be opened to get to the laundry. Similarly the B level south garage entry does not have electric actuators while all other garage entries do. Arnold told of the numerous attempts that he has made to follow up with Randy about our electric actuator request months ago.
Lorne: When will the gym be open? Someone said that it is up to the City of Toronto.

The meeting adjourned at 8:20 PM.

William Lynn, 1807

25 February 2020
The February 2020 meeting of the Wynford Tower Residents Committee was held in the Social Room at 7:30 PM Tuesday 25 February 2020.

Present: Roosevelt Robinson (Chair), Cecile Fitzgerald, Henry Furman, Arnold Garson, Aubrey Harmes, Glen Heffron, Brenda Henderson, Bill Lynn, Anna Peschmann, Siobhan Mulrooney, Emma Selmeci, Lorne Warford, Mary Warford.

Chair: Roose thanked the group for their attention. Linda is away until May.


1. Do municipalities have plans in place for pandemics? The consensus was that there is no plan for individual buildings. Staff at Sunnybrook are proceeding normally with no masks, there are very few cases and no deaths to date in Toronto, so there is currently no cause for concern in Toronto.
(An article in the Toronto Star 26 Feb. 2020 says that Ontario medical officers have broad powers to restrict the mobility and actions of people to quell public health threats, but that it would take much political support for such measures to actually be implemented.)

2. What goes in the garbage chute? Anything that cannot be put in the recycle bin or the green bin. Items too large for the chute must be taken to the black bin in the waste disposal area.

The ReUseIt table in the laundry lounge has been removed because a tenant complained about lethal weapons (kitchen knives, etc.) being left there. It was suggested that a preferred route would be to post a sign telling people not to leave any item that could be used as a weapon on the table.
It was noted that the Salvation Army deposit box is still in the laundry lounge, and the ReUseIt page on the website is also available to offer or request used items for reuse.

Roose remarked that he continues to be impressed by how Christine and Cory keep our building clean and well run, with excellent response to any request or question.

Vice-Chair: Arnold reported that a letter was mailed to Rafael and Randy 20 January 2020 requesting electric actuators on laundry, rear exit, east exit hall doors and B level garage pedestrian doors. A follow-up email was sent 12 February 2020. There has been no response to date. Arnold plans to call Randy tomorrow, considering that the request is a health and safety issue.

Publicist: Bill reported that 11 New Resident Welcome Notices have been distributed to newly occupied apartments, per information from Christine. Four more are on the list for March and April. No response has been noted from these notices (Glen contacted us before he moved in.)

Kaffee Klatsch: Annie reported that Friday AM Kaffee Klatsch is still popular, with lively discussions on a wide range of topics. The coffee maker dispenser still plugs up, even though coarse grain coffee has been tried (the dispenser works fine with clear water).

Book Club: Annie reported that four residents attended the book club meeting 25 February to discuss 3 books, since several meetings have been missed. The next book will be The Goldfinch, by Donna Tartt, for the meeting 24 March 2020.

Movies: Brenda advised that she is learning to order movies from Amazon, as backup for Aubrey.

AOB: It was mentioned that the lighting in the B level garage entry from the hallway is extremely dim.

Emma asked for clarification about rent increases.
The maximum Guideline increase was 1.8% in 2019 and 2.2% in 2020.
The 1% Above Guideline Increase requested by M&R in September 2018 was approved at 0.9% effective 1 September 2018.
Tenants who opted not to pay the 1% AGI since their first renewal on or after 1 September 2018 will owe M&R 0.9% since that renewal date.
Tenants who opted to pay the 1% AGI increase will be owed 0.1% by M&R since they started to pay the AGI rent.

It was mentioned that the “saucers” in the front patio are unsightly and take up much valuable space.

The next meeting will be held in the Social Room at 7:30 PM Tuesday 31 March.
The meeting adjourned at 8:30 PM.

William Lynn, 1807