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35 Wynford Heights Crescent, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

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Meeting Notes - 2022

Update 2022.11.30
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Committee meetings are normally held at 7:30 PM the last Tuesday of each month in the Social Room, B Level, west end.

29 November 2022
20 September 2022
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29 November 2022
A meeting of the Wynford Tower Residents Association committee was held in the Social Room at 7 PM Tuesday 29 November 2022.

16 attendees:
Arnold Garson; Glenn Heffron; Aili Aljas; Sophie Delis; Pamela de Souza Nunes; Lorne and Mary Warford; Carole Weiner ; Annie Peschmann Sheila Stone ; Lorraine Chrichlow; Eva Marie Palmore ; Christine Rideau; Rosaline Cameron
2 not signed in.

Arnold reported on the health and situation of Roosevelt, and reviewed his letter of resignation.

1. Review of the minutes of 20 September meeting was held and the discussion of the issues

2. Action required: follow up with M&R management reference the electrical activation of the door from the basement corridor to the laundry area.

3. An open discussion was held to decide on the successor to the chair ship of the association.

4. After a discussion on the responsibilities, possible difficulties, etc. volunteers came forward with the suggestion of a joint chair.

5. Anna Peschmann and Sheila Stone agreed to be joint chairs of the association and were voted in by acclamation.

6. Lorraine Chrichlow agreed to be technical advisor.

7. Sophie Delis as secretary.

8. Glenn Heffron as technical advisor (Internet etc.).

9. A card and letter of thanks was signed by all members. It will be forwarded to Roosevelt by Mary Worford.

10. The new chair decided the next meeting will be held January 23 at a time to be decided.

11. The retiring vice chair closed the meeting at 8 PM.

Arnold Garson
Vice chair (Ret'd)

20 September 2022
A meeting of the Wynford Tower Residents Association committee was held in the Social Room at 7 PM Tuesday 20 September 2022.

Present: Glenn Heffron; Roosevelt Robinson, Linda Vir, Arnold Garson, Sophie Deli, Brenda Harrison Aubrey Harrison, Lorne Warford, Mary Warford, Carol Weiner, Anna Peschmann, Dieter Peschmann, Aili Aljas.

Roosevelt discussed past successes and issues since the formation of the association. He restated the aims of the association. He also discussed the issue of hate emails from residents and the necessity to control such issues on the web site.

Many thanks to Lorne for providing coffee and biscuits which was unexpected and gratefully received.

Arnold Garson informed the meeting of the various issues that were discussed at a meeting that was held at Tim Hortons on 15 September 2022.
    Those present at that meeting were Roosevelt Robinson, Bill Lynn and Arnold Garson, Randy Daiter and Rafael Tablada.

    The first issue that was discussed was the reference to asbestos in the window caulking. The information is that M and R have installed thousands of windows and there s never been an issue. There was no comment from the committee members.

    The second point that we discussed was the replacement of the air conditioning units in each suite. Some discussion that the air conditioning units would be smaller than the existing units.
    The project will take approximately 13 months. M & R are willing to fully cooperate to avoid shutdowns of systems such as Christmas and other holidays.
    There will be a possible shut down of five days in each suite during the installation of the AC units. This will only be for one of the systems in suites that have two systems.
    M&R will provide full details as they have done for the window installations.
    It was noted that the contract has not yet been awarded; after that is done a detailed schedule been provided.
    There was discussion about cleaning of the down drains and cleaning of the existing air-conditioning systems; there is still flooding and issues in many of the apartments that have not had the down drains from the AC cleaned. This issue still to be addressed.

    There was a discussion about the corridor door in the basement leading to the laundry and how this could be made more manageable. It is extremely difficult for people going to the laundry with large loads to use the door especially those who are disabled.
    This issue was raised several years ago along with the other doors that needed automatic openers. Most of the other doors have been fitted with automatic openers however this particular door is a fire door and therefore cannot be easily fitted with openers.
    M&R will discuss with fire experts to see if the door can be fitted with remote opener. It is felt that this would need to be connected to the fire alarm system because not only does it protect from fire but also from smoke. Response will come from M&R when they have a resolution.

    There was discussion about the drip in the basement floor and it was explained that this is from the air-conditioning piping and will be rectified when the air-conditioning system is turned off.

    We were advised that there is going to be added security into the rear parking lot and garden and trespass notices will be placed and violators will be able to be ticketed by security guards etc.

    There was discussion about window cleaning. It was felt that a more superior window cleaning would be needed but everybody agreed we need the windows cleaned now.
    Also the swimming pool windows need to be cleaned they have not been cleaned in many a year both inside and out.

    There was a great discussion about the extreme noise of the fans in the swimming pool it was felt these were far too high in dB for any form of comfort. This needs to be rectified possibly with a different fan installed.
    Also there was great dissatisfaction with the fact that the chairs around the pool have not been replaced yet. This is important especially for people who use the pool who are disabled there s nowhere to sit and this needs to be rectified.

    The meeting was informed that there is a capital plan that can be viewed in the office. The issue of replacing carpets and wallpaper was raised and unfortunately on viewing the capital plan there is no plan for this to be done in the next 12 months.
The next meeting will be Tuesday 25 October 2022 at 7 PM.
Arnold Garson