Wynford Tower Residents Association
35 Wynford Heights Crescent, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
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Posted 2021.07.07

Each member of the committee created from the inaugural meeting 15 August 2016 was originallly assigned as a building area representative. The committee function has evolved to social activities, and current members volunteer to coordinate one or more activities, as listed in the following table.
The committee normally meets at 7:30 PM the last Tuesday of each month, in the Social Room (B level, west end).
Committee meetings are suspended until the pandemic is over.
All residents of Wynford Tower are welcome, as well as the Superintendents and the Management representative, especially if issues arise that need their expertise.

Meeting Function
TBA Roosevelt Robinson Chair 647-237-7494 rooserob1@gmail.com
Games Arnold Garson Deputy Chair 416-391-3417 arnoldag929@gmail.com
Book Club Ruth Nicholls At large 416-445-2642 nichollsrb@hotmail.com
TBA Cecile Fitzgerald Social Activities 647-352-4696 cjfitzgerald40@gmail.com
TBA Siobhan Mulrooney
Physically handicapped
Kaffee Klatsch Anna Peschmann At large 416-587-1094 anniepes42@gmail.com
Exercises Bill Lynn Publicist 416-441-2134 wblynn@wblynn.ca
Games Henry Furman Analyst 416-461-5454 hf55@rogers.com
Movies Aubrey Harmes Entertainment Advice 416-445-9838 aharmes@rogers.com
Movies Brenda Harrison #45 Background 416-382-0485 brendajh55@gmail.com
Social Evenings Elizabeth Cameron Treasurer 905-409-2671 elizcameron50@gmail.com
Walking Linda Vir At large 647-343-6077 lvir@rogers.com
Floors 17-21
Emma Selmeci Historical 416-441-0606 eselmeci@rogers.com
Kaffee Klatsch Carole Smith At large 416-449-6200 boobiemoo@icloud.com
TBA Dieter Peschmann At large 416-535-5511 dieter.peschmann@gmail.com
TBA Glen Heffron At large 416-751-9761 ggheff@hotmail.com
TBA Lorne Warford At large 647-346-4868 lornewarford888@gmail.com
Personal Liaison Mary Warford At large 647-346-4868 lornewarford@gmail.com
TBA Edith Coez At large   edith.coez@rogers.com
TBA Carole Weiner At large 416-386-1428 caroleweiner@hotmail.com