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35 Wynford Heights Crescent, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

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Meeting Notes - 2023

Update 2023.05.20
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Committee meetings are normally held at 7:00 PM the last Tuesday of each month in the Social Room, B Level, west end.

9 May 2023
28 February 2023
24 January
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9 May 2023
The following items were discussed:
    Patio and walkway at the back of the building require maintenance.
    Permission to have at least one chair on the pool deck is being explored by the Health Deptartment.
    Alll residents are encouraged to read carefully the notices posted on the walls and in apartment doors regarding upcoming dates of AC shutdown.
    The wallpaper in the B level hallway will removed and the walls painted once the fan coils project is finished.
    Committee activities are on hold until the fan coil project is complete.
    No committee meetings will be held during the summer. The date of the first fall meeting will be posted on the website.

28 February 2023
WTRA Meeting Notes - February 28, 2023
Time Commenced: 7:11 p.m. 17 Members attended
Welcome: Excellent turnout

The WTRA mission statement reviewed as noted on the Wynford Tower website.

January 24, 2023 Meeting Minutes
Minutes were approved.

Submissions for Social Activities / Coordinator reports
    Activities are postponed due to the Fan Coil Project except for the following:
    1. Book Club - Last Wednesday of the month
    2. Kaffee Klatsch - Friday mornings at 10:30 a.m. in the Social Room
Issues discussed with M & R at the last meeting.
    Residents are encouraged to use the pool and gym facilities.
Other business:
    Residents shared their Fan Coil Project experiences. Although disruptive, residents expressed their appreciation of Mitch and his crew. All were polite, helpful and efficient.
Time adjourned: 7:48 p.m.

Next WTRA meeting: Tuesday, April 25th 2023 @ 7 p.m.

24 January 2023
A meeting of the Wynford Tower Residents Association committee was held in the Social Room at 7 PM Tuesday 24 January 2023.

Present: Aili Aljas, Marilyn Muller, Sheila Stone, Annie Peschmann, Glen Heffron, Dieter Peschmann, Doug Williams, Pamela Nunes de Souza, Carole Smith, Sophie Delis, Carol Weiner, Fanoula Hilsos, Arnold Garson, Elizabeth Cameron, Lorne Warford, Mary Warford, Brenda Valenteyn
Commenced at: 7:15pm, 17 Residents attended - Absent 3 members

Co-Chairs Annie and Sheila opened the meeting following agenda points

1.Welcome and thank you to all attending. Each person introduced themselves by name.
The WTRA mission statement: Keep residents informed. (More to be discussed next meeting).

2. Annie shared the following points discussed with M&R Management on Jan.12, 2023
  • Automatic opening door on the B Level leading to the laundry room will be installed (has been installed)
  • Outdoor patio behind the pool and brick walkway will be repaired
  • The loud pool fan needs to be fixed or replaced. Furniture in pool area denied by Health dept. (the fan has been replaced).
  • Soil and perennials will added to the outside garden behind the lobby
3. A list of suggested activities committee members were asked to consider developing and coordinating for future group activities. Please bring ideas to the next meeting.
  • Annie nominated Carol Weiner as social coordinator. Accepted Mary Warford. and Brenda Valenteyn offered assistance.
  • Mary Warford, Personal Liaison
  • Ruth Nicholls, Book Club coordinator
  • Carole Smith and Ellie Kaizer, will Coordinate Kaffee Klatsch Friday meetings at 10:30am in the social room
  • Glenn Heffron, will run a computer workshop when a room with wifi access is made available
  • We look forward to Brenda Harrison and Aubrey Hermes to hear when and if they plan to run the very popular Movie Nights.
  • Lorraine Crichlow, advisor
  • Bill Lynn, Publicist, Wynford Towers Residents Newsletter online
  • At Large members, Aili Aljas, Dieter Peschmann, Lorne Warford.

  • Social Activities in Past Years
  • Book Club
  • Bridge
  • Kaffee Klatsch
  • Singles Group
  • Movies
  • Karaoke
  • Tai-Chi
  • Exercises DVD
  • Dance-Line Dance
  • Knit/Crochet
  • Games - Backgammon - Checkers - Chess - Cribbage - Dominoes - Euchre - Mah-Jong - Monopoly - Scrabble, etc.
  • Social Evening
  • Walking Outdoors

  • The ideas above are only suggestions but may trigger an interest to form a group you would like to coordinate this year.
  • Talk with your friends and bring your activity name, member's names and day(s), times you plan to meet, to our next residents meeting.
4. The following topics were shared by residents:
  • Residents shared their concerns re the coil replacements. They were reminded that they will receive direction 5 days prior to construction. This is an intrusive and long- term project.
  • Security concerns were expressed due to Locker Break-ins on the SB level. Individual experiences were shared re suite robberies. No security cameras yet in the common areas on each floor. Who monitors or reviews these? Cleaner has been assigned security duty.
  • Rent increase concerns were discussed. We will wait for the Tribunal notice. Important for residents to attend.
  • Elevator noise into suites were reported to be continuing.
Meeting adjourned (Minutes have been foerwaded for review to all 17 attendees)

Next meeting Tuesday Feb. 28, 2023 7:00pm

Note: This report has been compiled from notes by people who attended the meeting.

Bill Lynn