Wynford Tower Residents Association
35 Wynford Heights Crescent, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

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ReUseIt Mart

Updated 2021.11.21

In keeping with the slogan "Reduce, Reuse, Recycle", on this page residents can offer to buy or sell items that are suitable for re-use. Commercial offerings are not accepted.

  1. Send us an email at webmail@wynfordtowerresidents.ca, Subject=ReUseIt, showing
    • details of the items you wish to buy or sell, with photo if available
    • the price you are asking,
    • your contact information.
  2. The website administrator will post the information.
  3. Anyone interested in the offer must contact the poster directly. The Residents Association will not be involved in any transactions.
  4. Advise us when an article is no longer available, so the post can be removed. Posts will be removed regardless after two months.
In hopes that this page will be useful,
William Lynn (Bill), 1807

Nothing on Offer as of 2021.11.21