Wynford Tower Residents Association
35 Wynford Heights Crescent, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Posted 2016-11-08
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Our Role as Residents

"One Thing" Survey Responses
Responses to the "One Thing" survey will be posted here as they are received.

Navo Chinoy, 302, 2016-10-28:
I water plants in the public areas if they look thirsty.
I am willing to organize a movie night. Some help may be required.
I am willing to organize a "carol night" closer to Christmas.

Bill Lynn, 1807, 2016-10-27:
When I notice litter in public areas I pick it up to deposit in recycle or garbage bins.

Sophie Deli, 601, 2016-10-28:
I plan to hold a "Get to Know Your Neighbour" gathering for my floor.

Myrna McKinley, 2016-11-07
I always put my garbage in the chute between 8 AM and 8 PM, in order not to disturb the people in the adjacent apartments at night. I wish that everyone in the building would do the same, as the noise must affect 24 apartments.

"One Thing" Survey
This survey was suggested by Navo Chinoy of Apt. 302, who offered some examples:
Be a buddy and check on a senior who lives alone.
Organize a movie night in the Card Room.
Start a club (book, euchre, scrabble, bible study, etc.)

If you consider this your home, what one contribution can you make as an individual,
or as a family, to improve our home?

Link to reply to webmail@wynfordtowerresidents.ca, Subject = One Thing Survey

Let's Make Our Home the Envy of the Area
In response to M&R's clarion call, we are now in the process of identifying common areas that require improvement and tabulating the data. Each member of the committee has been tasked with monitoring a particular area and, if required, making recommendations for improvement.

The onus for improvement, however, is not only on Management. It is imperative that we all address the issue of "resident responsibility". All of us, for example, recognize that we must shower before entering the pool.

Some concerns which have already been raised are listed below. Some detract from the attractiveness of our home; others are downright unhygienic. A few examples:
  1. Washing and drying of dog paraphenalia in the washers and dryers.
  2. Leaving debris (lint, dog hair, etc.) in washers and dryers for the next user to clean out, or discarding it on the laundry room floor.
  3. Dropping material (liquid or non-liquid) on the elevator floors, carpets, and the floors of the disposal rooms.
  4. Tracking dirt into the building from using muddy areas such as the short-cut at the sidewalk.
  5. Allowing dogs to urinate in sensitive areas.
  6. Discarding garbage on the garage floor rather than in disposal bins.
These practices detract from the pleasure of life at Wynford Tower. It does not make sense to work for improvements if we are not prepared to display pride in our home by collectively maintaining high standards.

So let us all join together on this exciting journey. Let's make our Wynford Tower home a first-rate residence and the envy of the area.

Roosevelt Robinson, Chair, 2016-09-01